Book Report

Writing a book report should be a way for you to summarize the book you just read. Here are some tips on how to write your report.

Obviously you need to read the book first, and make constructive notes whilst reading, ask yourself: is this important? Would I like to know this? How long must my report be? In accordance with your questions compile a list of facts. Use this list when writing your report. A good way to make sure you have everything covered, is to read each chapter separately and make a summary of each. Think of the main paragraph ideas.

Think of a interesting title that will separate your report from the rest, and let’s start writing!

Firstly, give an outline of your story as an introductory paragraph. In this paragraph, name the author, date of publishing, publisher name and name any awards the book has won2. Furthermore, give a short summary, without giving away the end. This paragraph should interest your reader into reading further. Tell the reader what you’re going to discuss in the report. Also, state the reason for the book, why did the author write the book? Every book has a thesis, or a main idea or lesson. It is good practice to state it here. Read the piece printed on the back/ on the sides of the book for interesting information or do some extra research on the Internet.

Secondly. You can now start on your main paragraphs or the body of your story. Here, you have to use your notes and give more detail to the summary you made in your introductory paragraph. Make character sketches, give more detail to twists and turns in the story. Explain the satire, humor, conflict and important interactions. Again, list the most important information. Give each main character extra attention, explaining internal conflict, character growth and the way the character changed the story. Perhaps during your research you found that the author used the character as a symbolic reference to something in the real world. Discus the thesis in the main body and link it to the appropriate character, place or event.

Thirdly, your closing paragraph/statement. Here is your chance to reflect upon the book. How do you feel about it? Do you think the author reached his/her goal? Did you like the book? Mention which character resembles your personality. Make this all about your “relationship” with the book.

A book report should be quite easy, pay attention as you read and try to see what the author tried to say. I hope this helps, enjoy!