Career Test Results

Career tests are useful tools for people of any age who are questioning their career paths. Schools often administer these tests to students in order to inspire them to think of possible college majors, schools and careers that interest them. Adults contemplating switching careers turn to these tests as well. Career tests are easily accessible on-line, though some are more lengthy and comprehensive than others.

The first step in taking a career test is being honest. Picking answers in hopes of getting a particular career path as the result is not the way the test should be approached.

It is important to note that the results of career tests are by no means written in stone. Rather, they are jumping off points meant to spark ideas in the test-takers. Sometimes, the results of these exams are inaccurate and do not fit the test-taker’s personality or interests well. While the results should not be thrown away immediately, it is a good idea to consider them in context with the test-taker’s background and goals.

When the career test generates results that initially appeal to the test-taker, further research needs to be done. Usually, the test will produce more than one potential career choice. The test-taker should expand on the test results finding more information about the careers on-line.

By looking up salaries, work schedules, required skills and education level, personality traits and other basic facts about each potential career, the test-taker can eliminate some job options and more closely consider others. A number of Web sites are available to look up this information.

Another great way to learn more about careers is to contact friends, family or acquaintances who hold jobs in the desired occupations. Asking questions or, better yet, shadowing a person in a selected field will provide invaluable knowledge about the potential career.

Seeing the job up close can either foster more interest or rule it out. Also, any connections that are developed during this process can help the test-taker should he choose to send his resume to any of the companies he looked at.

A career test alone will not tell anybody what job to land, but it can be a great way to brainstorm and lead the test-taker to do further research in certain areas. It is a starting point for someone who is ready to delve into different career possibilities. The test is not guaranteed to help, but it can often be of great help in confirming someone’s desires or steering someone in an unexpected direction.