Carrying Guns on Campus – No

A stalker is prowling the campus. He has already killed the security guard. Shots are heard being fired at random. Students are hiding in dorm rooms, huddled in bathrooms and trembling in cafeterias. Minds race as how to handle the situation. What is the one thing that could help all these innocent people?

Scenario one: Nobody has a gun. Innocent people are shot down in cold blood as the stalker searches diligently for his victim. He finds his victim, kills her and turns the gun on himself. He has left several dead or injured in his wake and destroyed countless families.

Scenario two: One of the instructors who have heard the shots has a gun carrying permit. He has taken gun safety.  It will be several minutes before the police arrive at the college campus. The instructor who is practicing his second amendment rights hides behind the door. The gun man throws open the door and begins to empty rounds into the classroom filled with students. He misses them because the instructor has ordered them to huddle beneath their desks. The instructor draws his gun and shoots the gun man in the arm making him drop his gun.

Two different scenarios, which is the better ending? Guns are not responsible for crimes, criminals are. When honest people are not allowed to bare arms it is simply removing a safety factor. Countless lives have been lost when they could have been spared is someone in the room had been carrying a gun. Criminals are not going to give up their guns just to keep from breaking the law. It does not take rocket science to recognize this simple truth.

This is not to say that everyone student should be allowed to carry a gun. Obviously strict measures should be taken for back-round checks by both the store selling the gun, and the college campus security. A weapon on the campus in the right hands can be a formidable defense for college students and instructors who come under attack. 

Reasons students and instructors would not be allowed to bare arms on campus might include: prior arrest record, DUI, DWI, known drug or drinking problem. Intensive testing should be conducted on mental capacity for those wishing to bare arms. These measures might not keep every incident from happening, but would shed some light onto who might be able to safely bear arms. The right to bear arms should also be conducted in accordance with local, county and state laws of the area the college is in.