Change Major Minor Study Option course Switch

Given that we are expected to select our college courses at a relatively young age, it’s no surprise that many young people find themselves feeling disengaged once they begin to study these options. Over time our outlooks and interests change and develop as we mature, and you may find that what you thought you wanted to study or progress to a career in no longer applies. You may decide in fact you no longer want to study Physics, but are more interested in Psychology.

Don’t worry though, you’re not out of the ordinary and this adaptation is commonplace in colleges today. In fact starting out college is a good test of whether you are really set out for your chosen path; and if you want to make a change, it’s always better to do it sooner rather than later. So what hints are there that it’s time to transfer major?

– Little or no interest in the subject

Once you get onto your course and begin learning about the topics in more depth you may discover that you are no longer passionate about what you are learning. Remember that you’re going to be studying under this major for the next few years so you need to decipher if this is going to be a reasonable choice for you. Ask yourself if you can cope with the disinterest. Often this will impact negatively on your grades and if you lack the interest in the subject then you will lack the drive to learn more and will undoubtedly find yourself distracted by other topics and ideals. 

– Has no relevance to your career

Whilst many individuals pursue college education as something that they enjoy and are passionate about, few can afford to invest so much finance in the step unless it is also linked to a future career choice. Your major choice should typically reflect the field that you could see yourself working in and enjoying, or benefit your future work in some way or help in opening up doors for you. Remember college graduates are in high demand overall, but some courses are more competitive and desirable than others; so make sure that you’re researching what these are before setting your mind on one.

– Your current course is too hard

College education is no doubt demanding and rigorous, but it is intended that you are able to understand it. If you find yourself trapped in a course that you have little knowledge of, with continuous poor grades, it might be time to recognise it just isn’t the course for you. Usually your coordinator will approach you to discuss these issues with you and may even suggest a change of course with you. 

Don’t be ashamed though, at the end of the day it is all a learning experience, and you may just find that there is another course that is more suited to you and your ability. We all have different talents and interests and you’ll find that yours are not always going to be applicable to the course you had originally planned to complete.

– You spend more time researching other subjects

A sure sign that it’s time for a change is when you dedicate more of your time researching something else than what you are supposed to be. Clearly your major is not your priority in this scenario and you would prefer to be doing something else.

If you are familiar with any of the above signs it is encouraged that you discuss the matter with your college. Major switches are very frequent in modern times and the sooner you do it, the easier, that way you don’t miss out on much of your new course. You might have a lot more difficulty making the change if you leave it too late (or may not even be allowed), as you will have missed out on relevant coursework and exams necessary for the completion of the major.