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There are lots of reasons why you might be considering changing your college major. You could have just broken up with your loved one and want to avoid them in class. Your parents might be telling you that there is no career for a creative writing degree. Your friends may not like you anymore because you’re turning into an academic monster who knows too much about literary theory or new wave feminism. You don’t want to take that statistics class required for a sociology or psychology degree because you don’t like math.

Here’s the deal, you have to get a new lover, tell your parents you’re an adult now who makes their own decisions, get new friends who like to talk about literary theory and new wave feminism, and suck it up because there is always that one class you don’t want to take in any given major. The reasons above are all terrible reasons to switch a college major. Here is why.

The only good reason to switch a college major is because you don’t enjoy what you are learning and you don’t enjoy the type of work those classes entail. Any other reason is an outside influence that is likely uninformed. You know yourself the best and you know the most about what you are capable of and what you enjoy. Though friends and family often times want to just help you out, a relative with a diploma from high school probably doesn’t know anything about a master’s degree in English, or how to spell for that matter. You have to go for what you want because you want it. Not because dad or grandpa says there is no work in English. Do they have a degree in the area that they are telling you not to pursue? Didn’t think so. If they do, maybe you’ll want to listen more closely.

Even if the market for a specific degree is low, you still can’t switch your college major based on that alone. Though, it would be a smart move to change a major if you find out that you enjoy classes in a major that is going to be in high demand when you graduate. It’s good to compare and contrast your interests in this case. But if you only find creative writing to be intriguing, and you know that it could be difficult to get a job, you need to be innovative and be a pioneer for new work in your niche. It could be a challenge, but do it because you enjoy it, not simply because your friends are pressuring you into it.

Lastly, don’t switch your major because you don’t want to take that one hard class. If you do this, you will find that you will never graduate. Nearly every major has a class that you aren’t going to perform well in and that is going to challenge you. You have to push through it by seeking out the help and advice available to you at your college or university. When you push through it, you will find that you accomplished something you thought you could never accomplish. It’s a great confidence booster.

Do what you love! Even if ex lovers are in your class, even if your friends and family think you’re crazy and disown you, even if there is that one class you hate, you have to own your interests and pursue what you are good at, what you enjoy, and what will keep you happy. Disregard financial interests, and pursue what you love to do the most. That will get you much farther in life than those who go after majors that simply have high demand regardless of whether or not they enjoy it.