Cheap Dating Ideas for College Kids

College students have major expenses looming over their heads. With buying new books for over two hundred dollars, paying for a dorm room, buying food, college students can’t afford to go out on dates. That’s why cheap dates, not being a cheap date, is your alternative to having an awesome, fun, great time!

Here are ten cheap date ideas for college students:

1. How about having a date on campus? Go to a college sponsored event that is free. Yes, I said free-such as going to church, going for a walk, sitting under a tree and holding each other. There is also bingo, and watching a free sporting event such as tennis, and bowling.   For music lovers, catch a free college sponsored music event such as college students playing in a hall, or auditorium or even the eating area, where they play for free. Many times you can catch a practice of a concert, or the college orchestra practicing for free.

2. Go to a cheap college  event. Many colleges hold concerts with well known bands, comedians, or local musicians for a fraction of the cost when you go to that college. While people who don’t go to that college must pay full price, you get the el-cheapo special for front row seats.

3. Here’s a cheap date idea. Hang out at a local cafe, buy a small drink and spend time getting to know your sweetie better!

4. A cheap date for college students is spending time alone in your dorm room. Get take out food for the two of you and enjoy! Make sure you will have the room alone for several hours by telling your dorm mates to find something else to do during that time!

5. Go to a local free park and talk. Ride on the swings, and tell each other your plans for the future.

6. Watch a super cheap movie! Many colleges offer movies that are free or next to free for college students. Plan a night of it, and get some down time away from the books while watching a movie with your Sweetie!

7. Hang out in a local pizzeria, bar or club that caters to college students. Usually there are several restaurants, bars, or local hangouts that offer inexpensive meals, and drinks for college students. They know how to lure students in by offering cheap eats.

8. Play Wii games or video games in your dorm room or at your parent’s home. It’s free and fun to play or work out with the help of the Wii resort games, and the Wii fit Plus has many different workouts.

9. House sitting for pay. Watch a friend’s house, or a relatives home for a weekend. Get paid to watch the house, and invite your boyfriend or girlfriend overto keep from being lonely. Just think, you can get paid to stay at someone else’s home, and be with your Sweetheart at the same time!

10. Go for a walk. Large college campuses have miles and miles of paths to walk on. Take a backpack filled with food and water, and your cellphone and set out for a free day of campus exploring. Make a game of it by kissing at every sign or building.

Cheap college dates abound! Let your imagination soar, because these are the best days of your life!