Cheap Dorm Room Storage and Organisation

If you are going away for college for the first time, it may be scary trying to sort out where to fit everything in your dorm room.  It may also be scary to think of the amount of money that can be spent in trying to organise it all.  It is not a very good thought, but help is luckily at hand.  As organising your dorm does not have to be hard, nor expensive.  All it takes is some creative thinking. 

The first step, however, does not even take place in your dorm room.  Rather it occurs before you even begin packing to leave for college.  As the first thing you need to do is to grab a piece of paper and a pen (or another medium, like a computer) dividing the page into two column: essentials and non essentials.  In the essentials column you need to record what you actually need to survive.  For example, clothes, toiletries, text books, laptop, cutlery and linen.  In the non essentials column it may include things like a bean bag, your whole book collection, trophies, etc.  Basically anything that is a want item goes on this list. 

Once you have the lists of what you actually need (essentials) and what is a want (non essentials), you can then pack accordingly.  This will in turn allow you to have room for everything, which can then be organised easily in your dorm.  Remembering that once you have settled yourself in and have worked out how you want you room, you can introduce more of your wants into your dorm room.  So being deprived will not be long if you look at it in this light. 

In order to actually organise your room as cheaply as possible, think creatively how you can store things.  Can you use a tin or jar to store your pens and pencils in the beginning days of college? Can you use shoe boxes to store your beauty items? Remembering that you can always decorate them with paint or fabric.  Also available is the option to upgrade to something better when the funds allow.  Thinking creatively, can you use other household items you already have?  for example using the boxes you already have at home for storage. 

Great storage items can also be sourced from students leaving to go back home, so keep a look out for posters advertising goods being sold cheaply. Also second hand shops are a great resource for getting items that allow you to store items cheaply and easily.  Yes, it may not be the coolest thing to do, but that’s not the point.  At this stage you should be just focused on settling in, and as I said earlier, you can always upgrade later.