Children of Illegal Immigrants – Yes

Like it or not, the children of illegal immigrants are pretty much here to stay. We now have a choice as to whether or not they will become tax-producing assets to our country or a burden to our country. These children are here through no fault of their own. They are born here and go to school here. They may not be legally considered citizens but for all practical purposes they are citizens. Yes, I believe they are citizens of the state in which they reside. By allowing them to attend college at in-state rates, we are actually helping to strengthen our country.

When we deny them rights because of the wrongdoings of their parents, we are actually punishing ourselves. These children will grow up here, work here and, if given the chance, will become productive members of society. To deny them this chance at a higher education is to deny the country a chance to make good things happen from an otherwise bad situation. There seems to be a lot of anger directed at illegal immigrants right now. This anger in some cases might be justifiable. However, until that time that the government makes an earnest effort to confront the issues of illegal immigration, we need to find a way to deal with those that are here in a way that does not cause more problems on top of those we already have.

The sheer number of illegal immigrants in the country makes it obvious that deportation would be impossible.  Having said this, I feel that creating laws that make them and their children underdogs does nothing to solve the problem of illegal immigration nor does it provide a means of solving the problem of their presence here. Providing these children with a means of bettering themselves and helping them to become productive members of society only seems to make sense. Denying them this right only serves to produce sullen, unproductive drains on our society.

We as a society need to decide if we are going to let our anger and, in certain cases, ideologies stand in the way of making rational and common sense decisions. The children are here. They are not going away. It is up to us to decide if we want to make them a part of a strengthened and cohesive country or create outcasts that will have no reason to have loyalty to their country of birth.