Choosing between a 2 Year College or a 4 Year University

The four years in high school can go by fast. After the nights filled with football games, proms, and homework are over, soon comes the decision to pursue schooling after secondary school. The results are clear; pursuing schooling after your high school graduation can substantially increase your income. According to the article “Value of Education” on, “a person with a Bachelor’s degree will earn, on average, almost twice as much as workers with a high school diploma over a lifetime ($2.1 million compared to $1.2 million)”. Tertiary education is a must in today’s professional world. The real choice to make is whether to attend a two year college or start immediately off at a four year university. Here are some important aspects to consider:

A two year college, also known as a community college or junior college, has many benefits:

1. If you’re planning on going on to earn a degree at a four year university, taking general education classes at a community college is significantly cheaper than directly attending a university. Many junior colleges have classes that are easily transferred to the school of your choice, however, be sure to check before you throw away your time and money.

2. High school isn’t always the time for students to buckle down and prepare for their future. Fortunately, community college is an opportunity for students to improve their GPA and work towards higher degrees that were otherwise unattainable with lower grades.

3. Short attention span? In only two years you could have a money making career at a two year college. No need to go any further if you the type that hates school. Learn a profession quick and much more cheaply.

4. Maybe you have a longer attention span and wish to go on after your two year degree? The wonderful part about junior college is you don’t have to settle. Use the education you have already earned and continue onto a university.

5. Sports in junior colleges are much more open to the high school athlete. The opportunity to play a sport that you love and simultaneously have your schooling paid for is much greater in a community college than a state school, unless you’re the next Michael Jordan or Peyton Manning.

6. The two year college is a chance to decide what you really want to do. Take that time to peruse your choices, experience different options, and determine what course is right for you.

7. Have a tight budget? Live at home and still attend college. Community colleges are conveniently located in many places across each state

8. Junior college majors tend to prepare students for a trade or actual career, instead of a 4 year degree school that generally educates instead of prepares its students for a profession.

Despite all the apparent benefits to going to a two year school first, there are also many merits to the four year university:

1. One of the biggest and best benefits of a university is the social aspects. Freshmen especially are able to grasp the rewards of living in a dorm, meeting friends and socializing. Friendships that last for many years are made and the pain of hard classes are eased with the help of friends in your major.

2. Networking is available to students throughout the campus. The chance to make connections with the potential super powers of your future career is one that should not be missed. Making connections with professors is also important in advancing your profession. These are the people that have been there and know other people. They are there to help their students advance. At a four year university, networking is a great advantage.

3. There’s no mistake about it, four year colleges have a prestige that no two year college can even boast. Students carry the name of their university with them when they apply for jobs pursuant to the completion of their degree.

4. While not as focused as a two year college, four years have majors that can be more widely applied to future careers or professions. Students who change their mind about their career choice can more easily do so.

5. Finally, a big advantage to the university lifestyle are the infinite opportunities to experience other majors, big events, and join various clubs. Four year colleges supply hundreds of new places, lifestyles, and people.

When choosing between a two year junior college or a four year university, it is important to remember that there are benefits and costs to each type of school. Weigh the pros and cons and you’ll be on the correct path to your future career in no time.