Choosing your Major in College

What is a malleable education? It is the rich knowledge you obtain from your major that has now shaped you into the person you are or wish to be. So when choosing your major in college, don’t follow friends who are going into high tech majors because of the money. If your heart is in reading Shakespeare, and reciting poetry why not major in English literature? Interested in the Mayan culture and their art from thousands of years ago? Why not study Humanities or Art History?

People today are cowering away from Liberal Arts studies because they are afraid they will not “make money” like their Major specific buddies are. But I have some golden nuggets of information to bestow upon you, my friend.

First of all, when employers are looking to hire a new employee, they scout for someone with an open mind, someone who read, write, and communicate across most mediums. That’s where the Liberal Arts comes in. (National Association of Colleges and Employers, 2000). Secondly, the AT&T Survey shows that Liberal Arts majors advance more quickly to Management than their colleagues who had a specific major of study. If you already have a Liberal Arts degree, there are some things you can do to increase your marketability:

1)Pursue a minor.

2)Take elective course-if you are a Psychology major, it doesn’t hurt to take a business class or two.

3)Work experience.


5)Extracurricular Involvement.

Second, in struggling times now, many people are not interested in owing money back to a school, especially for a “lousy” major. I have discovered that choosing the right major for yourself will help to eliminate those feelings. A major will be worth it if you make it worth your while, so while deciding which one is right for you, try going to an unemployment office. This place has free computer terminals and equipped with software to allow you to take assessments to determine what your career path should be.

Also, try’s Major Asessment Quiz for free, this will further help you to decide if you are on the right track.

When it comes right down to it, any colleges have made it possible to major in what you like and what may be profitable. A student may double major, meaning you can major in two subjects and it doesn’t matter what they may be, and students have the option of pursuing a General Studies degree or “undeclared”major to undertake while figuring out what they really want to major in. Undecided is good because you’ll be taking general courses and you may find you like the Science courses better than others and from then on you would major in science, the downside is you don’t want to be undecided too long, or you will spend forever at a college, making up credits for a specific major.

In summary, do the homework- research various career paths, take assessments, and explore while fresh in college and you will find that major which works for you.