Christmas 2007 Gift Ideas for Art School Students

I can attest as I’ve experienced this first hand – art students spend a lot of money not on textbooks but on various art supplies. Be it canvas, oil paints, charcoal, paintbrushes or pencils, the money quickly adds up. It is not at all unusual for a typical art student to be spending close to 600 – 700 dollars per semester on supplies for their classes.

With that being said, why not give your favorite aspiring artist a gift certificate to a local arts & crafts store. They will be able to pick out exactly what they want from a myriad of paint choices, because, ultimately, they probably know better than you which paint works with which paper type.

If you are feeling generous this Christmas season, you may consider investing in a drafting table if your art student does a lot of sketching, drafting and crafting on a flat surface. Drafting table prices usually start up at around eighty dollars and can go as high as the sky, depending on how elaborate the table features are. Drafting tables are great because they are ideal for every creative need, they can be easily folded and put away if needed, and table caddies that usually come with these tables can hold most art supplies.

Art-related books can be a great source of inspiration to art students, especially if they feature works by some of their most favorite artists. So, whether it’s Picasso or Monet that your student is passionate about, they surely will not object to receiving books that shed more light on their creative muses’ lives and art.

Believe it or not, there are also stores (online and offline) that feature art inspired jewelry. For example, has a selection of well-crafted palette-and-brush charm necklaces and earrings. Also, many web sites like have an option on transferring a painting or a photograph on a multitude of useful items, like totes, umbrellas and mugs. Excellent gift ideas not just for art students but for art lovers as well, the choices of art inspired items are numerous.