Christmas 2007 Gift Ideas for College Freshmen

There are a tons of things that I think are the best gifts for college freshman! First of all, I think for Christmas college freshman need something fun. They have been working hard and by now they have their basic necessities. But they might be in “mid-winter’s blues.” I think they should get something fun to lift their moods!

Some good, fun ideas for college students are electronics. Most young people love their world of technology-whether it be laptops, iPods (or other mp3 players), cell phones, or video games. I think that college freshmen would LOVE to get one of these. Laptops are a good way to play many video games, type term papers, organize their files, and keep tracks of all their deadlines, meetings, and dates! They are excellent for college students. iPods are also a very good gift. We all know how much teenagers, young adults, and youth that are going independent love listening to music. iPods are small, portable devices that you can store from around 240 songs to 40,000 songs. There are some that you can even watch movies on. iPods are amazing! Also, if your son or daughter doesn’t have a cell phone, I suggest you get them one. Not only are these for fun and socializing, they are useful for calling in emergencies and to talk to you!

Let’s face it though. Electronics do cost. College costs. Other, younger children cost. Their future college costs. All these expenses really add up! So, maybe you don’t think electronics would be the best thing right now, and that’s totally all right. Some other ideas for college students might be better.

Cookbooks are a very good way to help your college student. That age group eats a lot, frankly. The better quality the meals, the better quality their schoolwork. Cookbooks are good for young students.

Gift certificates are a very good way to give a college freshman exactly what he or she wants, because they pick it out! Sometimes giving gifts can be confusing. What does Todd want? What would Nina use? Gift certificates are a brilliant idea.

Airplane tickets, though sometimes expensive, are also a good idea. They allow the student to travel home to you, or somewhere to visit friends or to their future husband or wife. Wouldn’t that be a good Christmas gift in the near future? Grandchildren? Of course!

With these ideas, I hope you can find that perfect gift for your loved ones!