Christmas 2007 Gift Ideas for College Freshmen

It is not as hard to shop for college freshman as you may think it is. You will probably have an easier time shopping for them now than ever before. However if you are still stumped as to what to purchase for them, then I have listed a few ideas to get your started.

ELECTRONICS/TECHNOLOGY GADGETS: These are by far the most popular gift ideas. Your child will not want to be the only person on campus with an ancient cell phone or be the only person without an MP3 player. Examples of gifts for the 2007 Holiday would be the new IPHONE, Microsoft ZUNE, Video Phones, Digital Cameras and Video Cameras, and Laptops. If your child is in school far from home, then a digital picture frame would be a perfect gift for them. Then they can put their favorite photos on memory card and have them displayed on this frame.

GIFT BASKET: You can go to a craft store and buy a huge laundry basket or gift basket and fill it with easy to prepare foods and drinks. Fill it with hot chocolate, ramen noodles, snacks, sodas, etc. As a freshman in a college dorm room this would be a nice thing to have on hand.

CLOTHES: Your female college aged child would most likely love clothes and/or shoes. As a freshman in college they are probably trying to make an impression on other people and professors, therefore new clothes of the latest styles will help.

BOOKS: A gift card to the book store or even their favorite book is always a neutral way to go. Most colleges accept gift cards from Barnes and Noble therefore this may even help them purchase textbooks in the future.

JEWELRY/WATCHES: Your college aged child is now more responsible therefore a nice watch will help them get places on time. Young girls love jewelry of any kind so a birthstone pendant or bracelet will make a good gift.

SMALL APPLIANCES: Most college freshman consider coffee part of their daily diet so why not splurge and purchase a really nice coffee machine with all the bells and whistles. If your child has their own off campus apartment then good gift ideas would be a microwave, waffle iron, George Foreman Grill, and other easy to use appliances.

GIFT CARDS and CASH: When all else fails, gift cards and cash are the way to go. Practically every store has gift cards now and if you think cash is too impersonal then an American Express Gift Card or other similar cards from your local bank will help personalize them a little bit more. You can even get them with your child’s name on them or even a picture or design can be added as well.

You know your child more than anyone so just relax and think about what you think they would like the most. I am sure no matter what is given to them, they will appreciate it and value it nonetheless.