Christmas 2007 Gift Ideas for College Seniors

The needs of college seniors are a bit more refined than their younger counterparts. Looking to the future their eyes are more likely to be on what comes next. Future needs will tend to be focused on job hunting or possibly finding a place to live. With that in mind here are a few gift ideas for that young bird that’s about to fly.

The first step in applying for any job is a resume. Consider giving a resume writing package or paying for the service through a reputable firm. At a time when final exams or research papers are bearing down on a student, getting the resume writing process started may help to take some of the pressure off. In addition, once in the real world you must remain organized. A Daytimer Organizer or one of the many electronic organizers available is a great way to get in the routine of staying on top of things.

Another part of graduating college is remembering all the fun times and new friends you’ve made. Gifts which help to record those memories are a great way to bring a close to that chapter of ones life. Photo albums filled with pictures of friends and some of the crazy times shared are a great way to preserve memories forever. It is also great to keep in touch with some of these people after departing from school. An address book can also be a personal way to help a graduate keep in touch.

Since many college graduates wind up moving into their own apartments following school, items for the new place are always a great hit. These can be strictly practical or they have a collegiate element to them. Mugs, coasters, and blankets are just a few examples of things which can display that collegiate spirit and be used in a new place. Most young people moving into their first place will need furniture. Since these are among the first bigger ticket items a recent graduate may need, a gift certificate from mom or dad from a furniture store may be just the thing to help fill that empty apartment.

Whatever the budget or type of person you are buying for, it’s the thought that counts. To recognize the accomplishments of the past few years and to wish that graduate all the best will help to make a meaningful transition into the real world.