Christmas 2007 Gift Ideas for College Seniors

Your college senior is about to embark on a world of possibility. This is a scary proposition for both him and you as he begins filling out job applications and polishing his resume as graduation begins looming in the not-too-distant future. Holiday shopping for your child, who has seemingly overnight become a full-fledged adult, can be something of a challenge.

Take your college senior on a shopping spree and help them shop for an interview-ready suit and all the accompanying accessories that they’ll need for both an interview and for the first few days or weeks on their first grown-up job. This is both fun for both of you, and a requirement for their upcoming interviews. This is a major expense that most college seniors just can’t take on with their limited budgets and it’s a great holiday gift. Go all out if you can, picking out a briefcase or a satchel, a tie if you’ve got a son, or great heels if you’ve got a daughter.

You can also help take some of the pressure your college senior may be feeling by signing them up for some resume building classes or seminars or with some job counselors. Often these services are readily available within college communities or even on campuses themselves. They can often put seniors’ minds at ease, showing them their qualifications and building their confidence for when it comes time to emerge onto the job market. Conducting mock interviews, helping with resumes and teaching skills at filling out practice applications, this can be a valuable gift for a college senior.

As graduation looms in the distance, your senior may be beginning to think, now what? They may be plagued with thoughts about where they are going to live, what they will be eating, how they’ll be supporting themselves and what they’ll be doing. Start an account in their name with a little nest egg built up so they feel a cushion underneath them for a bit of safety. While not a big bang present, it will help them feel a bit secure as they start off in the world.

Your college senior is about to start off in a new job, a new place and a new life. You remember doing that a bunch of years ago, eating noodles for dinner for weeks on end when you couldn’t afford much. Take stock of what your college senior needs now and what he might not be able to afford to replace for a while as he works his way up the job ladder. If you know he’s going to need a new computer in six months, spring for one now if you can afford it. If his coat is looking threadbare, get him a new one.

There’s always room for a couple of fun presents under that tree. If your college senior is a gamer, spend a little money on a new game for him. It might help avoid him spending his hard-earned money where you hope he shouldn’t. You can’t be the parents who give you senior boxes filled with socks and underwear. Give gifts that your senior will cherish, enjoy and love as well as get use out of.

College seniors have a long road ahead of them as the face the reality that now is really the time to become full-fledged grownups. The holidays can serve double duty as both a time to bequeath gifts on them and a time to sneakily help them get prepared.