Christmas 2007 Gift Ideas for College Seniors

College seniors are at a point where the reality of post-collegiate life is close at hand. They are trying to enjoy the last few months of their college life but at the same time they are starting to think about jobs, living situations, and relationships. Part of the goal of education is to be equipped for these sorts of life stages but the reality is that some lessons must be learned simply through the experience of living life.

One of the things that is on the mind of the college senior is the prospect of getting a job. Unfortunately, some seniors wait until after graduation to start their search. Therefore a good gift for a college senior is a resume preparation book. There are many different books of this type out there so it can be hard to choose. The popular “Dummies” series produces a book called “Resumes for Dummies” which is an easy read and a practical guide for writing a resume. Granted, a resume isn’t going to guarantee a job, but it can start to get the college senior into a job-searching mindset. In addition, producing a resume during their senior year will give them the opportunity to get feedback from faculty, staff, and peers.

Another good gift for college seniors is gift cards to specific retailers. Most college seniors simply need cash, but gift cards can help focus the purchases of a college senior. When seniors graduate they are sometimes in need of furniture, household products, and other simple things like groceries and gas. Some people don’t like to give gift cards or cash because it isn’t as “tangible” as a specific item, but it can be a larger benefit to a college senior who is lacking many basic resources.

The college senior is in a transitional phase of their life. Therefore, when shopping for seniors it is good to remember that gifts should be given that will aid them as they move from school to their post-collegiate life.