Christmas 2007 Gift Suggestions for College Freshmen

Freshman year of college is the most exciting, stressful, wonderful and scary experience of any university student’s life. The question many people are asking themselves right now is what can the buy for their college student that will be a helpful and thoughtful addition to their life and not just take up what little space they have left in their dorm room? The answer to this question is to think laterally. Dorm rooms are cramped so big items like basketball hoops or even bean bags are out of the question.

First year students often get caught up with extra curricular plans and loose track of their class timetables and the due dates for assignments so an electronic diary, a palm pilot or a new phone with a planner is the perfect gift for an on the go university student. I cannot recall how often I missed the start of a lecture during freshman year because I slept in so I highly recommend giving the gift of punctuality by bestowing on your freshman an alarm clock. I know what you’re thinking right now I know an alarm clock might not seem all that merry a Christmas present but if you buy one with an IPOD dock your teen can wake up to their favorite tunes and get off too class on time as well. It’s a win-win situation.

Be practical when searching out Christmas gift for anybody especially someone who lives in a dorm room environment. Many institutions have rules about what a student can or cannot keep in their dorm room. It’s no use buying a mini fridge or a hotplate for a student if they are going to get in trouble for using them. Try visiting the college website to find a list of banned items and give these presents a miss this year.

College students live on a tight budget and often have to forgo that latest fashion trend or hot new pair of shoes in favor of, well food. It’s a fabulous gift idea to find out your students all time favorite stores and buy them a gift card. Then you can make a date to take them out for lunch and they can hit the shops to pick out something they really like. It’s safer to buy a gift card or voucher as they can pick out something they will wear often, that fits correctly and flatters their body shape. Buying clothes for a college student is a risky business because what you think is coll and trendy your son or daughter may think belongs in a museum or charity bin. Teenagers grow quickly and in spurts, young males especially can grow inches in a matter of months and you don’t want to buy the wrong size.

College freshman are so wrapped up with their exciting new lives that they often forget the importance of home. Frame a picture if the extended family for them to hang on the back of their door or wrap up that old quilt Nana made for them to spread out on their cramped little bunk bed. Christmas is a time for family and friends, so if your college freshman decides not to grace the family dinner with their presence try emailing the college forums an baby picture of your student in the bath. Revenge is a dish best served with turkey and cranberry sauce.