Christmas 2007 Relaxing Gifts for Stressed College Students

You know you’re stressed when you begin having meaningful conversations… with your blender. The workaholics, the ones who go that extra mile, the go-getters who go above and beyond a set standard, raising the bar of excellence for the rest of the population, are often stressed out with a heap of responsibilities and appointments that come with aspirations of achieving a goal. These people may have it all together, more so than most average human beings, but that doesn’t mean that they’re having an easy time getting where they want to get. Stress may be an ever-present factor in a life of a hard working student, or an office worker hoping to get a promotion. For these people, relaxation time is of uttermost importance, and perhaps with the holiday season knocking at the door, it is time to give them a gift they will cherish the most.

Why not give a stressed out loved one a gift certificate to a spa, where they can spend an entire day getting pampered from head to toe. Spas are the ultimate destinations for relaxation and meditation, and even thirty minutes spent with an expert masseuse can relieve all the daily stress and anxiety. A cheaper alternative to a spa certificate would be getting a gift basket of relaxing massage oils or incenses. Stress relief candle sticks work wonders and are cheap and widely available everywhere.

Gym memberships are also excellent gifts that will allow a college student not only to blow off some steam but to also stay in shape during a school year. Typical memberships at YMCA include the use of racquetball courts, indoor tracks, therapy centers featuring steam and sauna, free weights, swimming, water exercises, and other fitness activities available through the Y.

Another unique gift idea for college students is to give them a certificate to test drive their dream car! Many places offer reasonably prices packages where one can rent a Ferrari or a Porsche for a couple of hours or a day. This is definitely an unusual gift that will be sure to thrill everyone, not just car lovers. After all, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on a brand new 250,000 dollar car?

College students on the go often don’t get much sleep, so to help them get the most out of their resting hours, consider buying a nice comforter or a sheets/pillow set. The more comfortable the bedding is, the faster a person is likely to fall asleep. Uncomfortable bedding can also often irritate skin and cause a person to wake up throughout a night, significantly cutting back on their resting time. Silky sheets are, on a contrary, soft to the touch and minimize the roughness when rubbed against naked skin.

Everyone loves to watch movies, but not many college students have that much time to sit down during a finals week and spend two hours staring at a TV screen. That’s why for the holiday season, when school is over, it might be a good idea to finally get a college student a box set with a few of his or her all-time favorite movies, or some new movies that they’ve always wanted to see but never got a chance.

Though these gifts may not eliminate the source of stress completely, they will be great tools of escape and relaxation for busy college students. The good thing is that the stress sources can go away as quickly as they appear, but after this holiday season, stressed out college students will now have the tools to combat stress factors in a most effective way.