Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas for College Seniors

College seniors may be on the brink of making some major life changes. After many years of school, they could be jumping into the job market and potentially living on their own. This can be a big adjustment, and they may experience some major changes in their life during the next year or two. Christmas gifts may not solve all of their problems, but they can be targeted towards some of the changes that may be coming. Therefore, here are a a few thoughts on good Christmas gifts to give to college seniors.

A bit of spending cash

It may not be very exciting for the giver, but sometimes cash is a gift that is deeply appreciated. A student who is getting ready to graduate may be faced with looking for jobs in a tough economy. This means that they may not have a lot of money to throw around, particularly if they attempt to live on their own. In addition, new college graduates may have to start paying back their loans soon, which will increase their financial pressure. Therefore, a little spending cash may be more helpful than another piece of merchandise.

Job search tools

Despite the fact that college seniors are nearing the end of their educational journey, they may not have much direction in terms of vocation. Some students barely pick a major by the time they are a junior or senior, and some have no intention of looking for jobs in their particular major. A nice practical gift might be a job search book or a guide to the various aspects of the job search. This could include resume writing, interviewing, cover letters, or networking. Hopefully the college senior will have started to think about these things already, but that is not always the case.


Some college students do not have much in terms of tools, which can be very helpful if they are going to live on their own. Granted, people won’t necessarily be getting them a table saw or a drill press, but they might think about a cordless drill, a set of wrenches and sockets, or more basic tools like a hammer or saw. Even if college seniors are not planning on doing any major building, it is always nice to have a few of these tools around so that they can do some basic household functions.

Household items

Finally, gift ideas might center on household items that are needed for independent living. Again, a college senior may not be moving out right away, but if they are they might need a number of small but crucial items. It may not be very exciting for a college senior to receive a can opener, toilet brush, dust pan, or storage tubs. However, as the senior becomes more independent, they will start to appreciate these sorts of items and recognize their value in terms of everyday living.

When in doubt, people can always ask the college senior what they want. Granted, the senior may not know and they may not have the perspective to ask for more “practical” items. If people are really stuck, they can always go with the old standby gift, which is the gift card. If people get a gift card to a major retailer, the student has the opportunity to get what they want. A compromise might be to get a gift card to a specific type of store. That way, the college senior has some freedom, but the giver also has some influence on what the student should get for Christmas.