Christmas 2009 Hottest Fashion Gifts for Female College Students

A female college might enjoy a nice fashion gift for the 2009 Christmas season.  Before you buy any fashion gifts, there are a few things you will want to take into consideration.  First, remember that people’s styles in clothes can range greatly, so try to get something that the person would enjoy.  Also, make sure that you know the correct size because even the nicest item in the incorrect size wouldn’t be used.  The following are some ideas for great female college fashion gifts.

Snazzy Dress – A female college student might enjoy a nice dress to get dressed up for holiday events.  There are various fancy parties that occur during college that she might enjoy attending.  You will want to make sure to get something that is useful.  Try to think about the types of events she would go to and get a dress that would be suitable.  For instance, if she attends a lot of formal dances, then you could get a formal dress.  If she attends more casual things, then a cocktail dress might be more appropriate.  Even someone who doesn’t attend events might enjoy a pretty dress to wear out to dinner, a casual dress to wear around campus, etc.

Nice Coat to Keep Warm – A nice trendy coat might make a wonderful gift for a female college student, especially if they have moved to a place that is colder than they are used to.  It is something that they might get years of use out of.  If you are not sure of the style that they want, you could let them pick it out and then pay for it.  These can range in price greatly depending on the style and brand of coat that you get.

Pretty Scarf – A female college student may enjoy a nice scarf.  This is a good gift in that you don’t need to worry about what size to get a person and it is perfect for the winter.  It can make a boring outfit more interesting and doesn’t take up a lot of room in a cramped college dorm room or apartment. 

Boots – Boots can make many otherwise uninteresting outfits look fashionable.  Make sure that you know the person’s correct shoe size when getting such a gift and whether they like a heel or the newly popular flat boots.  They come in many colors and materials, and many college women love boots.  If you are worried about whether they’ll fit right, then you could go shopping with the person.