Christmas 2010 Hottest Electronica Music Bands among College Students

Electronica is a genre of music that can delve deep into the worlds of electro, punk, dance and more. It is generally regarded as an alternative and cult-like music genre that is popular mainly among college students. Over the years however, many mainstream celebrities have promoted electronic as a genre of expression. These include the likes of Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh who regularly utilized electronic in his sketches, Boy George who is an innovator of electronica and Cher whose classic 1998 album “Believe” was fuelled around the genre. 2010 has seen the rise of several bands who are sure to become popular among college students.

Electric Valentine are an electro band aimed mainly at a teenage and young adult audience that fall into the college student category. They have been active for several years but have yet to see any rise to major mainstream prominence and success. Electric Valentine offer a unique mixture of electro music style combined with other genres, as well as storylines and songs that relate to college culture. Some of their biggest songs yet include “The 1st and Last Time”, which is an electro-screamo song that covers the topic of sex, “Electric Ghosts” which is a collaboration with fellow electro band “Watchout! There’s Ghosts About!” and “Dark Nights and Darker Hearts”. Electric Valentine is on the rise. If you are a college student, they are an electronica band that are not to be missed in 2010 and 2011.

Jeffree Star is an Internet phenomenon that rose to popularity and prominence due to his presence on several social networking sites. Since then, Jeffree Star has not only garnered attention for his personality and fashion, but also for his electronica genre of music. Jeffree Star’s recent album, “Beauty Killer” is not one to be missed among college students that favour the electronica genre of music. Other bands to consider include “Blood on the Dance Floor”, “Breathe Carolina”, “Metroid” and “Robots In Disguise”.

Electronica is a diverse and versatile music genre that is widely popular among college students due to the fact that it can be a means of expression that in some cases, does not even have to make sense. Many electro-themed bands touch on college culture and the life and subjects that concern young adults and therefore, this makes it a very attractive genre for those in that age group that just so happens to mainly consist of college students. If you are a college student, keep an eye out for the likes of Electric Valentine, Watchout There’s Ghosts About, Jeffree Star, Blood on the Dance Floor, Breathe Carolina, Metroid and Robots in Disguise in 2010, 2011 and beyond as all of them are sure to become cult favourites in the coming years.