Christmas Gift Ideas for College Freshman

If there is a college freshman on your gift list this year, don’t stress. College freshman are easy to buy for, since they have many practical needs, financial needs, and simply a lot of wants! It is incredibly hard to go wrong when buying for a college freshman, unless you purchase a music CD of a group that he despises. Assuming that you know your college freshman pretty well, here are some gift ideas to get your shopping started, and that are sure to bring a huge smile to your college freshman’s face!

1. Acer Aspire One

If your college freshman does not have an updated laptop, you might consider this hot new piece of technology. The sleek design, color options, and compact size of this little laptop make it perfect for your busy college freshman. With all of those heavy books that she must carry on her back all day, this laptop will slide easily into her backpack and she won’t even know it’s there.

2. PSP Go

The Playstation Portable isn’t just for gamers, anymore. Every college freshman needs some down time just to enjoy a movie or to catch up on his favorite television series. Fully equipped with WiFi, this portable device downloads movies, television shows, music, or games in the blink of an eye! Your college freshman will never have to worry about reserving a spot in the dorm lounge, as he will be able to enjoy movies from the comfort of his own dorm room with the PSP Go.

3. Small Appliances

Your college freshman will soon find out that she doesn’t always have time to hit the cafeteria for meals. A dorm sized refrigerator, microwave, or toaster oven would be greatly appreciated by your busy student. With a compact refrigerator, she can store everything from mini frozen pizzas to fresh fruit, and you can rest assured that she is staying healthy and never skipping much needed meals!

4. Restaurant Gift Cards

College freshman rarely find extra money to simply pamper themselves. Your college freshman will feel forever indebted to you if you stock him up on some Pizza Hut, Apple Bee’s, or Rib Crib gift cards. Not only will this allow your college freshman to enjoy some down time off campus, it also provides him with the means to take his sweetheart out on a date once in a while. You can’t go wrong with this gift idea.

5. Concert Tickets

This gift idea requires a bit of planning and research on your part, but the end result is totally worth it. Find out the exact dates of your college freshman’s spring break, and then do some research to find out which musical artists are on tour during that time. Book the flight and snag the tickets for a fun Spring Break destination. Your college freshman will hit the ceiling when he sees that you’ve taken the time to put so much thought into an amazing gift. For double the thanks, and if your budget will allow, book reservations for two, that way your college freshman can invite a friend. They’ll love you for it!

Now that you’ve got a few ideas, it’s time to hit the stores. Even if you didn’t find the perfect gift on this list, surely it has inspired you to come up with the perfect gift idea of your own!