Being distracted and/or lazy are the fastest ways to flunk out of college. Keep in mind that smart people allowed you to enter that particular institution of higher learning and they were most likely wise enough to believe that you were smart enough to earn one or more degrees for the time you spend to put knowledge into your brain. Therefore, you must surely spend most of your time, slowly but surely, putting as much knowledge into your head as you can.

Do not waste your time doing things that can cause you to learn less than the other students who attend that place of higher learning. From the start of your college education your goal should be to learn, to eat and to sleep and nothing more. It is also true that each of us needs some time to relax or to have a little fun as well.

In so doing, your goal is to learn a skill, learn a profession and/or learn another means in which to be a responsible person who makes a meaningful contribution to the other people within our society. With that in mind, you should then write down the goal or goals that you attend to accomplish for yourself and place that sheet of paper in a frame and hang it on a wall. After which you can read that framed purpose for going to college each and every day. Yes, that is what you want to do after you earn your degree and again begin to live a normal life outside of the place where you received your formal education, made life long friends and began to build a future for yourself.

Nothing good comes easy and I am quite sure that most of you will have many challenges along the way to success. Then again, you should never lose sight of your ultimate short term goal. That is, to earn the best grades for each subject of study, no matter how hard you have to work to accomplish that goal.

Such hard work also requires you to eat healthy foods and get enough sleep to allow you to be as alert and as clear thinking as is possible each day. Keep in mind that everything that you did learn now servers as a foundation for the new things that you will learn. In other words, do not fall behind in your studies. Do your homework each day and do not wait for the time to cram all of that knowledge into your head on a day before you take an examination which is a measure of just how much you did learn during that time in question.

The professors who teach those subjects might not be the best teachers on Earth. So too, their true purpose is to tell you what you have to learn and explain things to you that you might not fully understand after you read the required reading material. Keep in mind that the drop-out rate within some colleges is as high as 50%. The best universities and colleges only graduate the best of the best students, while those who do not succeed simply vanish from the campus with nothing to show for their half-hearted efforts.

You may not be paid for your work within that higher learning institution but that, in itself, is truly a full time job. The payment for which only comes to you after you earn that college degree. What would you like to be when or after you truly do grow up?