As a previous college student living away from home, I have learned to appreciate certain things that students living at home are privileged to still be part of. Living away from home while in college might seem like a very good idea to some students, especially the ones who feel like they need more “freedom” or who think that living away from home will help them find themselves. Well, in a way, it does help to find some to find themselves, but it also rushes them into a life that they might not be ready for.

Here are a few advantages of living at home while in college:

1. More time to focus on school.  While living at home, students are still in the same type of environment they were previously used to. This makes the transition into college easier, and it also makes their studying easier. They already have their local friends, they are already familiar with the local transportation, and they are already part of local activities. All of this makes it easier for them to relax but still be able to focus on schoolwork when necessary.

2. Less peer pressure. A lot of college surveys would show that when students live away from home, they tend to party more and spend more time meeting new people. With living arrangements that include other students nearby and the need of making new friends, students may focus more on social activities and less on school. Engaging in social activities on a daily basis, which is what most new students do in their first year, increases their risk of falling into bad habits such as street drugs and binge drinking, due to peer pressure or the want to fit in. Long term effects of these activities show negative effects on their school results. Living at home while attending college decreases the risk of all of these events, since there is more parental supervision and familiarity with the surroundings.

3. Less money. Living away from home requires a lot more money to spend on rent, food, clothing, socializing, decorating the new place, etc. Living at home would save a lot of money, the student would be able to keep the same part time job they had before college and actually make moeny instead of spending it.

4. Nutrition. While living at home, a lot of students agree that their diets are definitely much healthier and nutritious than students who live away from home. While they might not cook themselves, their parents would probably cook more and make sure they eat more nutritious. With less supervision and time, students living away from home easily turn to junk food and fast food, turning their diets into another negative aspect of living away from home.