College Cliques

You have heard for four years how wonderful college is going to be, and you’ve waited to leave the world of social cliques behind. So, you’ve applied and have gotten in and now reality sets in you are starting college with millions of other new high school graduates the same high school graduates that formed those high school cliques. I am happy to say though that those high school cliques you are used to do not exist in college. A new type of clique forms, but you can’t even call it a clique they are groups of adults that nestle into their own worlds based on their interests.
In high school, a clique is based on looks, wealth, or any other personal attribute. The reason for this is the only differences between high school students are personal attributes. In college, there are many differences from your major, to your extra curricular activities, and even your job. College students settle into their individual groups based on their majors. The science majors will always be found with their heads in a book. Then, those science majors are further divided into your chemistry, biology, and physics majors. The chemistry majors are typically in their corner making jokes about ferrous wheels, while biology majors are talking about DNA or plant and animal biology. The best part about college though, is the people you meet in your classes. A chemistry major taking a biology class will cling to biology majors for help with their assignments. You would normally expect that the biology majors wouldn’t accept the “outcast”, but the truth is those biology majors need help in chemistry.
What about the art majors, well we can see them painting their next masterpieces and reviewing their lines for the next play. Even these art majors can’t afford to form cliques as they depend on everyone else’s approval to make that play a hit. If you walk around a college campus, you can see this reality. Everyone works together and depends on each other to get somewhere in their lives.
The biggest reason that cliques don’t exist in college is because there just isn’t as much time. The juniors and seniors are busy trying to get done while balancing their internships and jobs, while the sophomores are in their hardest year. The only ones that can form cliques on a college campus are the freshman, but each freshman is thinking the same thing they are all tired of the high school cliques.
So, don’t worry sit back and enjoy the adult world where you are forced to work together to make a difference. Look forward to all the new friends you are going to meet and congratulate yourselves for getting this far.