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If you are going to do something, you might as well do it right the first time. So, when you are procrastinating and not taking care of your studies or papers while in college, you should be having a much better time procrastinating! 

Your parents, your grandparents, your boss, your aunt Edna, all will tell you the same boring story of how after they had received the privilege of going to college in the first place, they studied and behaved themselves 24/7, even while on holiday they were studious, courteous and keeping their eye on that degree. NOT! 

If you don’t already procrastinate you may need some pointers, procrastination is a very artful, therapeutic break from all of the crap and responsibility that seems to keep coming at you with no end in sight. Sometimes, it is just better to find that river named “denial” and take some mental vacations without anyone accusing you of leaving your post. Here are some suggestions: 

Have the web/net open at all times: you could be haunted by some phrase that was said by someone on a TV program, let’s say it was Survivor a few years back. Wow, you can actually watch all of those programs at CBS or HULU or etc. this could take you hours, but hey, at least you can come up with the original tribe member and what she said exactly for the next debate with the guys on the second floor. 

Rearrange your dorm or room: OMG, do not clean it! No, you don’t want to clean, that’s productive, but just rearrange all of your “stuff”, and then repeat it again. It appears you are really deep in thought, but you are really crazy as a lunatic or the guy who lives back in the alley with all of his cans and his shopping cart. If you get bored just start rearranging your roommates stuff, also. 

On the way to the library: If the library is just across the campus, you really need to take the long way around to get there because after all you are in college to learn, aren’t you? You will have to take your car instead of just walk 10 paces across the lawn. After you have driven past two lakes and some corn fields see if you can find a fast food drive through that will screw up your order, oh, my by now it’s dark out and you really can’t go to the library after dark. 

Whatever you do when procrastinating, remember if you are not wasting precious time, you are not doing it properly. Practice, practice and more practice will teach you that you really can get away with this behavior far more times than you could have ever imagined. . .now, what about that “¾ of your grade test” in the morning? Oh, whoops!