College Dorm Essentials

Going away to college for the first time may be very scarying as well as exciting. In all that excitement you still have things to do like prepare for the essentials you will need to live on your own in a dorm. The first thing you will want to think about is your clothing. How many outfits you will need? What is the weather like? and How will I do laundry and how often? The second thing you need is bedding (pillows, blankets, sheets). One of the most important things you need to consider is food. You will need money to either go to the store or eat in the cafe or a fast food place. What are some meals that are fast and easy to cook? Ramon Noodles are fast and simple to cook, you can even eat them in a bowl uncooked if in a hurry. Where will you store food if you are to buy it at the store? In a mini fridge? a cabinet? Will you need a microwave? Another important thing to put on your checklist is your school materials, pens, paper, bookbags, laptop if necessary, id cards, important papers you may need (S.S card, birth certificate, etc) You may need to buy some furniture, a telephone, shampoo and soap. You will want to create a note to have any emergency contact numbers incase an emergency happens. You may need a few dishes ( Two or Three cups, Two plates, A bowl, some silverware is usually good) If you have a cellphone you may want to make sure you will get service and make sure to pack your charger. If you have your own car, Will there be a place to park? Does it cost? Bring a few things for entertainment purposes. Is there Cable? Does it cost? If it is available you may want to bring a tv and maybe even a radio or ipod.

Before you pack find out how much space is in the dorm room. That way you will know how much you can take and how much room everything will take up.

Also how will you get everything to your dorm room? In your own car? Suitcases, How many? Do you need to rent a moving van? Will you need people to help move the furniture or other heavy items?

Will you have a roommate? If so what items do they plan to bring and how much space are they planning on using?

This is just a start to help out with making a checklist for the essentials needed for College dorm rooms.