College Dorm Essentials

Being away form home is perhaps the most joyous feeling for many of us who are of the rebel tribe. The very thought of complete freedom gives you a sense of elation. And it happens many a times that you forget or miss bringing the most important stuff that you would need to survive in a dorm. For the more careful breed, they prepare a long list of to take and to throw before they plan their destination only to find that they have not made their calculations right.

Well, all said and done there are some basic necessities which one must be taking along while starting to live in their own free cocoon. The variety of stuff that one would want to take would much depend on the type of person one is. The list below is a suggestive one that can have different sequence in order of priorities that suits each person.

Take your own toothbrush and other bathroom stuff:

On a lighter note, I had mates who used to share toothpastes or rather steal from each other. One day I found a brand new toothpaste on my table which seemed to belong to me but then when I tried to use it, it was all filled with air! Perhaps a brilliant mind was used on this strategy. At that time I thought that carrying this stuff should be legalized in these places.

Sleep Well!

Many ad companies could make money out of this segment of people who do not being enough or proper sleep stuff like pillows ,sheets or blankets, people often land in dorms in faraway places where they have no idea how hot humid or how cold the weather might be. So it’s always a good idea to keep some appropriate sleep materials with you unless you want to make these companies richer by night.

Whatever makes you happy!

Some people are literally living on music, especially when they are young and they have big hearts and souls to listen to all kinds of great music. At home these things are very normal,to an extent that you might commit the crime of forgetting the best CD of yours that was your biggest inspiration. Similarly try and remember to bring whatever makes you feel happier and better, you may like to keep a couple of books that you intend to read or your sketch book where you had drawn the pictures of your last seventeen girlfriends and there are still many empty pages left.

Its technology that runs the world!

Today we are at a standstill without technology. Forget about the simple ones like electricity, It will be there anyways. But can you imagine yourself without your mobile phone for a single day? If not then better add it to your list of must have and must take. The same goes for laptop also, after all you are here to be somebody and better be somebody with your own laptop. Sometimes the university might provide it; still you should be keeping your own if you have one.

Money, food and medicines!

You need money to get things you may need suddenly, and obviously if you can keep some of your favourite food with you, it helps a lot in the long run. There is no need to emphasise on the reason of why you should be keeping some of the medicines that you need.

God or someone!

Personally I keep three pictures with myself wherever I have been, one is of my parents, one is of my husband and kid and the third one is of God. This gives me great strength and confidence always. And if you do not believe in God, then you could also keep a picture or just a memory of anyone who you admire or love. That really helps!

Once you have become a dorm dweller, you may need many other things but remember you have money and your mobile phone with you? So just buy them or get them from home!