College Dorm Essentials

After a restricted 12 years school life, when you first think about stepping into a college life, you are naturally so very excited! And that too when you have opted for a college away from your home. How does it feel? Well, personally, I would have a mixed feeling. In one way I am excited to go to college, make new friends, enjoy a life full of fun and dreams. Whereas, in another way, I am nervous. Because this is the first time I would be staying away from my parents.

I am sure this a common feeling among all the out of school teenagers. There are many preparations that have to be done. What should be taken along and what shouldn’t be, is a tough decision to make. You are confused and tense at the same time. And when you are staying at a dorm or a dormitory, it becomes very necessary to pack your bag with all essentials necessary. As a dorm itself is small room where you just own a bed, other things are common for all. So why not list some of the essentials that have to be taken along:

1. Body soap and laundry soap: The first and foremost thing is your own body soap. You can’t use others’ soaps in the dorm. So make it a point that you have your own body soap as well as your laundry soaps. You don’t have a maid there who would wash your clothes, you have to do it yourself and I don’t think you would like to wear unwashed clothes, would you? Other than these, other bathroom essentials have to be packed along like shampoo, hand wash, dettol. toothpaste, conditioner, etc.

2.Flip flops: Yes a flip flop or a bathroom slipper is another necessary thing to be taken along. Because this is not your home where you would have a separate bathroom for you. It’s a dorm where all share a common bathroom and toilets as well. So always wear your flip flops when using the bathroom or the toilet.

3. Plates, spoons and other utensils: In most of the dorms, you are not allowed to prepare your own food, but keeping some utensils handy isn’t a bad idea. Bring a plate, spoon, knife, fork, glass and other important utensils which you think would be helpful because the utensils used in dorms may or may not be cleaned properly. But who wants to take a chance. Also keep some paper plates, plastic spoons and forks, and also paper napkins in your bag.

4. Mobile phone: Though they have phone facilities in the dorms, keeping a mobile is always helpful. If some emergency occurs, you can’t depend on the dorm phones, as they have a specific timing to make and receive calls. So keep a mobile always with you.

5.Computer/ laptop: The most important thing is a computer or a laptop. This is always helpful for you to do your studies in your room, if you want to chat with your parents, search for a job simultaneously and many other things. So a laptop/computer is very important.

So apart from the items mentioned above there are many small things that you might need. So prepare a list of all the items and go shopping. You can’t get all the facilities that you get at home, but definitely you can make your stay comfortable in a dorm. So, enjoy your stay at a dorm.