College Dorm Etiquette Dos and Donts

It can be scary moving out of your home into a college dorm no matter how excited you are to start your college career. You are likely wondering what the experience is going to be like and who your roommates will be. If you are a freshman rest assured every other freshman is having the same feelings and thoughts as you are. Settling into the dorm with your roommates is not as difficult as you might think. Here are some great tips and ideas for making the transition and first meeting a successful one.

As soon as you receive your roommate assignment from the college, make your first contact as soon as possible. The college usually provides all the contact information on the assignment so you should not have any problem reaching them. Take this time to introduce yourself. By contacting your roommate you can find out what each of you intend on bringing with you and avoid bringing duplicates that are not needed. Keep in mind dorm rooms are usually very small. Never claim any part of a room until all of the roommates are present.

Be considerate with your roommate. If you know they need to study for a difficult exam go to a friend’s dorm room instead of bringing friends to your room. Be nice and follow the Golden Rule. Do not gossip or tell others information your roommates have shared with you that you know was in confidence. Try not to make small issues bigger than what they really are. Be sure to discuss possible issues right away instead of letting them build-up to a breaking point. Make a chore schedule on a weekly basis and rotate the chores between you and your roommate. This way no one is getting stuck with their least favorite tasks over and over again. Keep yourself cleaned up using good hygiene. Pick up after yourself, keep your things organized and tidy, take out your trash and do your dishes. Never expect your roommate to clean up after you. Follow all of the dorm rules as this will prevent your roommate from suffering any penalties for things he or she might not have been involved with. Be considerate and use common sense when it comes to dating. Never use your roommates side of the room or their belongings. Ask permission first and then be sure you return what was borrowed in a timely fashion and in the condition in which you borrowed it.

Most importantly, be yourself. Your roommate could end up being a lifelong friend. People can not truly learn about each other if they are not being their true and genuine self.