College Life how to Cope with a Noisy Roommate

College life can be fun and exciting; it can be full of new experiences and new people. Learning to adapt to life in college can be rather difficult if you happen to get a roommate that likes noise more than you do. If you are a fairly quiet person, or just need quiet to sleep and study, then having a noisy roommate can become frustrating in a hurry. You do not have to remain trapped in the noisy nightmare, you do have good options available to you.

Be polite

Be polite and friendly when asking your roommate to tone down the noise a bit. They may not even be aware that they are actually disturbing you or anyone else. If it goes well, then your problem may be solved! You may have to politely remind them from time to time to tone it down again, but that isn’t too tough to do, is it? If loud music is the problem, then you might ask them if they would be willing to use headphones while you are trying to sleep and/or study.

Self solutions

This means try finding ways to make it easier on yourself. One idea is to spend little time in the room when your roommate is there. Study at the library or with friends, hang out in places other than your room when you know your roommate will be there. This is a pain in the neck because it is your room too, but sometimes one must do things they don’t want to in order to get along.

Talk it out

When you have had enough of the noise (or never seeing your room because of them), then nicely ask them to sit down and have a talk with you. Explain how you feel in a friendly tone and manner. If you verbally attack them, well…it will only end badly. You are both in college and should be capable of a mature conversation. Ask them if there is some sort of agreement you both can come to for sharing the room without making each other nuts. You also must consider the fact that you are not as noisy and socially active as they are just might annoy them. This is why you should make an honest attempt to reach an agreement.

Ask about switching roommates

If nothing has worked out so far, then ask your roommate if they would be willing to switch roommates. You can try finding someone to room with or they can find someone to room with. Try not to be rude when talking to your roommate about switching rooms. If they agree, then one of you will have to formally apply for the room change. Talk to your resident adviser for further instructions.

Find off campus housing

This is hopefully a last resort. Off campus housing can be expensive and a hassle. If you end up living farther away from the college, then you will have to contend with getting up earlier and commuting. The other thing is having to pay rent and living expenses that you do not have living in the dorm. In the big picture, you may end having to have a roommate even in off campus housing in order to pay the bills. You could be faced with the same problems all over again unless you can get a close friend to be your roommate or you have the money available to live alone.

Learning how to live with a noisy college roommate can be a lot harder than it seems. On the other hand, there is a good chance that noisy roommate does not realize how much they are disturbing you. Resolving the problem could be as easy as asking them to tone it down a little bit. The key thing to remember is to be polite and respectful (even if you feel you are not being respected) of the their feelings. You will not accomplish blissful peace and quiet by be rude and obnoxious.