College Life the Advantages of Living on Campus

One of the main advantages of living on-campus is the sense of independence it gives to many individuals. After an environment of parental dependence and control, the feeling of freedom can be both challenging and confronting but it most certainly will be exciting.

Living on-campus will provide an environment of like minded people surrounded by resources that are crucial to your main reason for being there, education. An abundance of learning devices are available to you that are not as readily available at home and not in such large numbers or supply.

On-campus living can stimulate your mind beyond your expectations and enable you to interact with people of different educational and cultural backgrounds allowing you to expand your horizons and open your mind to the diversity that exists. You will no longer be restricted and will be challenged to think outside the square.

A campus will provide educational and social stimuli all in the one environment, close at hand and easy to access. the provision of libraries, classes, tutoring, resources, mentoring, extra curricula activities, health, welfare, financial and social facilities are all at your fingertips as well as the essential food facilities. It will instill in you a versatility and adaptability that might not otherwise be conducive in your home environment.

A sense of responsibility will be gained from on-campus living because you are well aware of the consequences your actions may have on you and those around you. You and only you will have to front-up to any mistakes made but in the same token you will also reap the benefits of any masterstrokes that you instigate. The rewards can be life changing.

Social networking is also a benefit of on-campus living because there will be other individuals from all walks of life who will not only be a part of your present but who may also play an important part in your future. These people may be key factors in helping set up any goals you may have for you future development and life after college graduation. Lifelong friends can be made from residing on campus as many in the past have done, so too will many in the future.

A great sense of achievement can be gained from life on-campus. The fact that you are able to show a side of yourself that might not otherwise have come to the fore unless you ventured out on your own, is enough of an accomplishment. Knowing that your day to day routine is not totally dependent on others, emphasizes and enthuses your capabilities and makes you a better person