College Life what to do if your College Roommate is Untidy

College has begun and it’s filled with enough stress from classes, homework, a new atmosphere, and the last thing on your mind is a messy dorm. If you are not in the dorms but you are still renting a room or home with someone else you want this space to be clean for all of you to live and, as well as your guests and family if they visit.

Even though you might be doing your part you possibly have one roommate that is untidy and not doing their part. Before you want to pull out your hair or give them an ultimatum to move or you move, try these tips to fix the situation before using extreme measures.


This might seem like a very simple solution, but it can work. Explain to your roommate you have concerns of the welfare of each of your well beings with the mess that is around. If it’s something as simple as dishes not being put in to the dishwasher, explain to them this can cause a smell among the house that nobody wants.  

The truth is, if you don’t mention something to them they may never know it is bothering you or other roommates. The key to talking with them is to remain as polite as possible and ask if they could pick up their stuff and keep up with the responsibilities. Dividing the chores will help tremendously as well as there will be less responsibility on everyone.

Stop doing their part

If you have been picking up for them at all times they will think that their behavior is not an issue and you do not mind cleaning up after them. You are a roommate, an equal, not a parent. If you have never picked up after them before but you are the breaking point, again, talk to them about it. Let them know that you are not enjoying the way the home looks. Talking truly is the easiest way to get this habit to stop.

Don’t pick up after somebody except for yourself. If you make a mess you are always cleaning up after you right? By doing your own part, they will see you care for your space and the area and may also pick up these habits. It is going to take them time to stop their bad habits and create new habits.


If you find that you are not able to figure out a solution, then it might be time to move out or request a new roommate. A person shouldn’t have to live in a mess that they are not creating. Do you know anyone else who is in need of a roommate, talk to them and see when you can move in. If you are the owner of the home or the rental room, then simply give them a couple chances to straighten up and move out.

Of course nobody wants to move out of a place that they love and enjoy, but sometimes it can come down to that. So, in order to avoid this all together either move in with somebody you trust and know already, stay at home with your parents if possible, or rent a single space for you and you only.

No matter the situation remember school is just as important as your healthy mental state. Keep the above tips in mind and have a productive happy college school year.