College Opportunities for Single Mothers

Finding the right college is a challenge for more prospective students. Add single motherhood into the equation, and there is a whole new batch of challenges in the search for the right school.

In the past, being a single mother usually meant that a college education wasn’t in the cards. Even in the recent past, single motherhood and college usually meant difficult arrangements such as living in a dorm and leaving the child or children with someone else or living off-campus in housing that was often significantly more expensive than the housing available through the school.

Thankfully, single mothers have more options these days. While things still are not easy for most, there are certainly more opportunities available.

The opportunities come in a variety of types. Some offer a more traditional collegiate experience than others do. What each school has to offer varies; however, here are some of the schools that provide educational opportunities for single mothers. This is just a very brief overview of a view schools; there are many more possibilities out there.

-The College of St. Catherine ( This Catholic college located in the Twin Cities in Minnesota offers student-parents apartment-style housing at its St. Paul campus.

The school offers an array of majors ranging from American Sign Language to Fashion Merchandising. Additionally, the Twin Cities area offers a slew of educational and cultural opportunities that should appeal to both mother and child(ren).

-Endicott College ( Located in Beverly, Massachusetts, this school offers a program that it has titled “Keys to Degrees.” The program is open to academically qualified single mothers and fathers between the ages of 18 and 24.

The college offers year-round housing and a “full array of support services” to students involved in the program. Students enrolled in the program usually qualify for state and local vouchers for childcare services through local childcare providers.

One of the great enticements relating to the school? The campus is oceanfront. An additional plus is that Beverly is not far from Boston.

-Goddard College ( Located in Plainfield, Vermont (with a second campus in Port Townsend, Washington), this is a completely low residency school. That means that students can go about their non-academic lives while pursuing a degree.

While there is currently no childcare available on campus, residencies are brief (lasting just over a week each semester). Additionally, children are welcome on campus during residency.

-Wilson College ( Located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, this women’s college offers a “Women with Children” program that is open to women of all ages; however, children must be 20 months or older.

Year-round housing is provided for participants and their children. There is an on-campus daycare; however, there are no student discounts available nor are spots guaranteed for the children of students.

Major draws for the college include the fact that it offers a VMT (veterinary medical technology) program; plus, it offers majors in Equestrian Studies (with concentrations in Equine Management and Equestrian Management), Equine Facilitated Therapeutics and Equine Journalism.

Additional Resources:

-College Mom Magazine ( This magazine describes itself as “paying tribute to pregnant and parenting students in college.”

-Higher Education Alliance for Residential Single Parent Programs ( This eight-college alliance consists of Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea College, College of St. Mary, Endicott College, Misericordia College, Saint Paul’s College, Texas College and Wilson College.