College Papers how to Choose a Topic your Professor will like

When nt college, you will sometimes have the choice on the subject on which to write a paper.  The choosing of a topic can be very important and can dictate part of how your professor will like your paper before he’s actually read it.  The following are some tips on choosing a topic your professor will like.

Make sure that the topic fits all of the criteria your professor has given.  If your professor has asked that you do a book review on a book written in the 1800s, do not write a review about a book from 1900.  Simply put, make sure that it fits exactly what he or she is asking for.  You shouldn’t do something that is close but not quite.  Above all, they want you to follow directions, and might be annoyed if you don’t.  They might express their disappointment in your grade. 

Try to choose something that is of particular interest to your professor.  During your professor’s lectures, you can often tell if there is a particular area that he or she likes.  It may be a topic that he or she spends a lot of time on or seems to have more enthusiasm for.  You can try to do your paper on one of those subjects.  Likewise, if there is an area that he or she does not seem to pay too much attention to, maybe that would be less of a candidate for a topic for your paper.

Ask the professor for help or advice on the topic.  Many professors will be happy to discuss your topic selection with you, although this will, of course, depend on the professor.  One option would be to come up with several ideas and go to him or her with them and ask which one they think would be the most appropriate.  Your professor is probably not going to want to create the topic for you but might be happy to steer you in the right decision when given several choices.  If you really have no idea, they might actually come up with some topics for you.   You will need to base it on the particular personality of your professor and how open they are to talking with you and helping you do this.  Be careful about annoying them or seeming incompetent.

Picking a topic for a paper can be an important first step in creating a paper that your professor will like.  If you are careful and follow the above steps, you are more likely to pick a successful title.