College Professor Pet Peeves

In order to make it through college, you have to do more than just get good grades. You must also avoid making your professors upset. You will learn common college professor pet peeves and how to avoid them.

They do not like for you to be late to class. This interrupts them and the rest of the class. It is best to attempt to enter the classroom at least five minutes early. It is up to you to get out of bed early enough and leave out of your house or your dorm room early enough to avoid being late.

They do not appreciate it if you walk out of class before it is over. By doing this, you disturb those around you as you put your materials inside your book bag before leaving. Plus, it can disrupt the professor’s rhythm if he or she likes to call on each student to answer a question as the class period goes on. Furthermore, arriving to class late and walking out early can affect your grade, as some professors will deduct points from your final course grade if you commit these offenses.

They want you to do your term paper assignments in a way that shows professionalism. You should not do them by hand. You must also refrain from turning them in after the deadline passes. Many professors will not accept term papers that are written by hand or turned in late.

It is forbidden to sleep in class. To some professors, this offense is equal to that of interrupting the class by making too much noise. You can prevent suddenly falling asleep in class by getting plenty of sleep at night, taking a quick nap before your first class and getting a little bit of sleep in between your classes.

You should not eat in class. This can cause noise and a mess. You should eat when you are not in the classroom.

Always attend class on days you are scheduled to work in a group on a project. Not showing up is disrespectful to your team. This will also result in your grade being lowered.

There are other things you may not do in class. They include talking during the lectures, talking on a cell phone, laughing too loudly, laughing too long and falling out of your seat laughing. Do not cheat on tests.

Follow these tips to avoid upsetting your professors!