College Safety Tips

Heading off to college is exciting.  College offers opportunities that can’t be enjoyed from high school including the freedom to come and go as you please.  Your parents will no longer be there to remind you to be careful.  Your safety in college will be up to you.  Learn these tips and stay safe on your college campus.

Before choosing which college you will attend, investigate the college’s safety record. Crimes on college campuses have become more prevalent. Before you choose your college, check out campus security and check out the 6000 institutions listed there. While this won’t affect which college you choose, it will give you an opportunity to learn what the issues are and you can learn about keeping yourself safe on your college campus.

Learn about campus safety offerings:

Many campus safety offices sponsor programs on personal safety awareness, security, rape prevention and prevent burglary. Attend the seminars and pay attention to posters and bulletins around campus. Increase your personal awareness. Make friends with the security patrol on your campus. They are on campus to help keep you safe. On many campuses, if you do not have a friend to walk with, they will accompany you to and from your parked car which you should park in a safe, well-lit area.

Learn about campus lock-down ahead of time:

Safety on college campuses has changed over the years. Today, gunmen have assaulted and wounded or killed students on more than one campus across the country. While you cannot, personally, prevent such occurrences, you can be aware. Notice your surroundings and the things that are happening in your immediate area. Think through and know what you would do if a gunman entered your campus or classroom. Talk to your school officials about what plans they have in place to keep you safe from guns on campus.

Think before you leave for a walk:

When out and about on campus, put you personal safety first. Walk in well-lit areas that are heavily traveled. Don’t take a darkened shortcut even if it will save you a few minutes. Whenever possible, walk with two or more people on the place on the sidewalk that is the farthest from bushes and shrubs. If you have to go out alone, let someone know where you will be and when you will be back. Don’t deviate. Keep your cell phone with you and, if possible, carry something you could use as a weapon. Even a rock is better than no defense at all. When you are walking around, carry a flashlight with you.

Learn the routes:

Learn the safest route from your dorm to your classes and the other places you visit. Learn where the safety phones are located on campus and memorize the campus safety’s phone number.

Consider dorm safety:

Dorm safety is important. A false sense of security is felt in college dorms. Even though it feels safe, keep your doors locked when you are not awake. Even when outside dorm doors are kept locked, predators can sneak in behind an other student to gain entrance. Some students living in the dorm may not be as safe as you think.  If you feel uncomfortable with your roommate, speak to housing.

Take care of your personal effects:

Be careful with your personal items. Do not leave your possessions sitting around, even for a few minutes and lock the door when you leave. Do not flash your cash or let others see your valuable items. You can become a target if someone thinks you have valuable things they could take from you.

Party with protection:

Partying is a major part of college life and that usually means alcohol. Drink responsibly. Be aware. Do not leave your drink unattended and do not drink too much. Even college students can become predators and alcohol can complete the transformation. Some come prepared with date rape drugs and bad intentions. Regardless of how cute a guy may be, don’t let him pull you away from the crowd. There is safety in numbers. If he is that cool, he’ll think of you first. Don’t let your lighthearted spirit get you in trouble. Protect yourself. Ninety percent of all campus crimes involve alcohol or drugs.

Think before you jog:

Music is an important part of college life. However, when you are walking or jogging, remember that headphones can keep you from hearing others approaching. Even when you are running with the rhythm, don’t focus on the activity so much that you forget your surroundings.

Avoid hazing:

Temper your dream to join a fraternity or sorority with wisdom. Hazing events have gotten out of hand and students have been died. Do not allow yourself to be placed in a dangerous situation, be forced to consume large amount of alcohol in a short period of time or become publicly humiliated. There are worse things that can happen to your college experience than dorm life.

College should be some of the most care-free days of your life. Learn to enjoy every moment of your time in college. Make sure this happens by taking safety on your college campus seriously.