College Studies for Younger Students Success and Failure Stories

Hi,I for one can refer success and failure towards college.I was a college student in here in Texas.I was told it was a six month program for the medical field i wanted,so i took it seemed so good to be true.I started school 2years ago and it was fun,i made lots of friends,loved the presentations and the clinical sites they were lots of fun,but there was a small little problem when you were finished you had to go look for a job or the school would pick one out for you,which in the other hand they would lie to the offices or wherever they decided to put you. I learned that the hard way, i was called up one morning from a job i really wanted but they had told them i was a medical assisstant in which they did not teach us to put injections on people especially babies. I told them,”no,i’m sorry but i am not a medical assisstant they did not teach us to put injections,and i would not want you all to close down and i get suied because of their fault.” They said “o.k. we understand.” So I ask myself this question everyday, “Is getting a college education really worth the stress,or are they just ripping us off with the payments they get from our parents and us?” Is college really worth your time and money or is it that we have to go in order to make our parents proud of us? It has been two years since i have been out of college,since then i have not gotten a job,my certificates have expired and they want me too pay back the student loans. How am i suppossed to pay the student loans if i don’t have a job to pay back.It is time to step up people make our own decisions when we finish school. We are 18 years old it is up to us to do what we really want in life not up to our parents anymore. My mom was never there for us when we were growing up,but my dad always supported us in what decision we made,my mom would just say,”ah it is your life,you want to mess it up go for it but when you need something don’t come to me.” I know they say college education is important to be somebody in life but i don’t think lieing on your resumes is worth getting suid on something that you were not taught correctly or not taught at all.