College Tips

High school was a fun time for you; you made friends, you went school dances, then the prom and finally you parted ways on that big day called your graduation. Now, you got accepted into the college of your dreams (or any college) and think back to all of those college movies and television shows that showed the party lifestyle of all college students. Yep, this is gonna be great! You might think to your self, but don’t be fooled! It’s not all true!

It’s your first day of college and you realize that the campus is lot bigger than that of your high school. Students are passing you by either in groups or by themselves, but either way, those students know where they are going; but you, on the other hand, do not. You feel scared, alone, and confused. Don’t panic, you’ll know the map of the entire campus by the end of the your first semester and you’ll be recognized as a college student by you know it.

Tip #1) Do not think of College as High school

High school might be full of hand holding, but college is not. You are considered an adult, for the most part, so it is your responsibility to find your classes, get your books, and be to class on time. The first day, or weeks, of college can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you still have a high school mind set, no friends to meet up with on the first day, and your all alone in this new setting. You just have to remember that college will not always be this scary place forever. Also, a kind smile accompanied by great manners will get you far in the campus setting.

Tip #2) Ask for help

Going to a college campus is bigger and more confusing than a high school campus; In order to know your campus, ask the staff at the main office for directions, ask students who DO NOT have a map in their hand (if a student has a map in there hand, chances are they’re probably new to the campus as well). Going to orientation is another advantage to figuring out the jigsaw campus. (Make sure to print out your schedule for classes, so you can find them during orientation.) If there are any other questions regarding your classes, your tuition, or even your professors, just ask your advisers in the main building of your college campus. This staff is more than welling to help and provide with all the answers to your questions.

Tip #3) Your behavior is key

There are no deans at college! So, celebrate! However, no deans does not mean that you can act up and misbehave (sounds like high school already.) You are in college, so no one is going to nag you about your behavior because you are expected to act like an adult; plain and simple. So, if you cause any trouble in college, don’t expect to stay in college for much longer. You can receive warning on your behavior depending on how severe it is, but bomb threats and threats of shooting students at school equals an automatic expulsion from college. Period.

Tip #4) Be on Time

Remember how in high school when the warning bell ringed, signaling that students only had so many minutes left to go to class or they would be locked out of class? Well, college is a bit different. First, there are no bells! I recommend you to have a cell phone, a watch, or something to keep you abreast of the time. Also, be early! To be late to class is to be on time, which it true, if you are on time there are no seats left, or no good seats left (good seats are in the back of the classroom.) If you want a good seat, then come about five minutes early to class. To be late means that you’re really late. Yes, if you come to class late you may experience one of three situations:

The classroom door may be locked, meaning that you get no credit for class that day and you can go and do whatever you want until your next class. You may also be dropped or removed from the class by the professor if you are late too many times in the semester. ( it depends on the professor and this information will be disclosed on the course syllabus)

If you come in late, the professor might take the time to actually complain about your tardiness to the entire class. It’s rather embarrassing, but fortunately not all professors are like that.

The professor does not care……at all. Just find a seat and join the class. ( No worries there)

Tip #5) Enjoy College

Well, the first thing to do on your first day of college is to take a deep breath, relax, and prepare yourself for the next step towards your education. Don’t think too much about being a newbie in college, just be calm, cool, and mature and your first day of college will open you up to a year of fun and exciting college experiences. There plenty of social and holiday events that may occur at your college campus, you can join a sports team of your choice, or a club of your choice! Just enjoy the freedoms and responsibilities that your college has to offer.