College Tips how to get a Job on Campus

College can be very expensive and some students find themselves in a position where they must work to afford their tuition, books, and fees, as well as meet their other financial obligations. In many situations, it can be ideal if they can work on campus. That way, they don’t have to drive to another location and work with a supervisor who may or may not be sympathetic to the educational goals of his or her employee. If people work on campus it can be more convenient in terms of access and there may be a natural sympathy to school schedules. The challenge is finding a good job on the college campus that covers expenses and fits into the other scholastic obligations of the student. Here are a few ways to find employment at the institution.

Job boards and services

Oftentimes colleges will actually have job boards or student employment departments whose purpose it is to find students part-time or temporary work throughout the school year. Sometimes these job boards include employment around campus but other times it can be jobs from the surrounding community as people will call in looking for college students who can work for them. Again, being on campus may be ideal, but sometimes it can work out to do a job in a nearby neighborhood if the student has a free spot in their schedule.


If students want to work, they might ask their instructors and professors if they have any particular leads or contacts. Sometimes the teachers may be aware of openings in particular departments or other times they might be able to hire the student themselves. This is why it is important for students to be attentive and make a good impression on teachers so that the teacher will think highly enough of the student to recommend them to vocational opportunities.


There are times that the best resource may be other students, who can function as a social and professional network. Oftentimes students become aware of various aspects of the campus culture and can provide information to other students who are looking for employment. Granted, some students may be hesitant to let others know about their opportunity because they don’t want the competition. However, there are many situations where students understand each others plight and will help their fellow student out.


Sometimes students need to “hit the pavement” and go around to various locations on campus. This can be as simple as walking into various departments and asking the front desk person if they are hiring right now. Even if there are no jobs available in a particular department, the person may be able to direct the student to someone who is hiring at the moment. This also gives the student a better awareness of the campus and what resources may be available in the future

Financial aid

Finally, the financial aid department can often be a good resource for finding on campus jobs. Sometimes there are “work study” jobs that are available to particular students through government funding. The jobs may not pay particularly well, but most jobs on campus probably aren’t going to provide extremely high compensation. Every little bit helps and the overall goal of the student is to make their way through school so that they can move on to the next phase of their life. An on campus job is one small part of the journey but it may provide just enough money for the student to get by.