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In our current economy, many people are forced to return to college, and with rising tuition costs, more and more students are struggling to pay their way through college. There are many options for paying for college, from scholarships and student loans to paying your way from paycheck to paycheck.

Retail and fast food jobs are the most common ones, as they are often willing to work with school schedules. However, the pay is low and both jobs are notorious for unhappy workers, many would say for good reason, and it’s sometimes hard to work your schedule around full-time school and part to full time work.

Another option is freelancing. Whether it’s writing, graphic design, or something else, there are many options for college students to freelance to help them pay for their college, though not everyone will be cut out for it. Even if you don’t want to make the plunge into full freelance, revenue share sites are a great option for college students, as they make money even if you haven’t posted an article in a while. There are a lot of options for revenue share sites, and not all of them are created equal, so make sure to do your research.

A third option is working for friends or family. While this is something that I do not suggest, and as it has gone badly for me and it was my grandfather’s slogan, it does work for some people, especially if it’s stated from the start that it is only to pay for college and it’s side jobs such as yard work. Do not look to make a lot of money from your friends and family.

Student loans are another option, and this one can be hard for students of liberal arts degrees such as English or Philosophy, as these are jobs that rarely pay enough to cover the costs right out of school. Science degrees tend to have the best chance of paying themselves off after college, but if you are careful, you can get a student loan and not worry as much about paying it off when you get out. My best suggestion for a student loan would be to still work, save up money in a separate CD bank account and pay off your loan as soon as you can.

Scholarships are very good option, but one that is difficult to attain. Schools, nonprofit organizations and many other organizations offer scholarships. You compete with other applicants and the process is similar to a job interview.

Overall, there are many ways to pay your way through college, and these are just a few suggestions. Always keep an eye out for more opportunities if you are having to pay your way through college.