College – Yes

While browsing on helium i came across this article and it disturbed me. Many people said No and i kept reading why, and i kept searching for something that makes sense in why a student shouldn’t feel that way.

But with my personal experience with this topic, i can undoubtfully say yes, Students need government help. I’ve been independent since out of high school, and I’ve worked ever since to survive, and believe me i know it’s possible to work and go to college full time. You just have to be determined is what people think.

I usually like to argue with facts, but it’s unnecessary the No side didn’t convince me at all in why it sounds ironic to them.

Receiving help from the government can change a students life in a great positive way, and I’m certain. Many students, are not qualified for financial aid, or scholarships. Just because their parents have great well payed jobs but little do they no that bills, cars, and more children expecting to go to college its just not enough.

How about students who don’t have parents helping them pay for school, bills, or anything. Students like me that have parents that are still trying to make ends meet themselves. I’ve been living on my own since senior year of high school and not by choice. I tried dorming but it just wasn’t for me at the time, plus it was expensive more expensive than living on my own in my own apartment.

So paying rent, cell phone bills, electric bills, car insurance, car notes and i can go and on with bills. Left me in a complete bind, i was not focused at all, at school i was worried about work, at work i was worried about school, and at home i was worried about bills. It felt like i needed a break, a break a college student should never take. If i can do it all over again i wouldn’t change a thing. Because I’ve noticed people were putting me down about not finishing school and i can’t help to think about why People don’t practice what they preach?

Our parents and elders are always saying to attend college, and graduate because without education you have nothing but not even when it was said to be way easier and cheaper when my mom went to school she toke advantage of it. Instead they just worked at great paying jobs with a high school diploma and it was a o.k, and now with a high school diploma your lucky you even get nine dollars an hour. So i learned enough to know that if college makes me that unhappy why am i struggling. If i die tomorrow what did i do today, that made a difference in my life?

If the government doesnt step in than the world is just going to maintain its same values, While the rich get richer the poor will get poorer.