Colleges and Universities in the us should End their Early Admission Programs – Disagree

Early admission programs for colleges and universities should be kept. I didn’t utilize this resource when I was applying to school because I didn’t have a clear first choice. However, those students who do, should be given the opportunity to tell the college this in a legit way. The college wants to know that the student isn’t lying, that the student would indeed choose their college or university to attend if they are granted acceptance. Early admission programs allow colleges the change to do this.

Now, having said that, I would agree that those students who financially cannot afford to go to the college they are accepted to because of lack of financial aid should be given other opportunities. Community colleges obviously don’t cost the same as a private college. I think that a student should be able to break the agreement if they have a parental income of less than x amount of dollars or a low FASFA number. These students should not be forced to not go to college because they simply cannot afford to go to the school that they were accepted to. Many times, prestigious schools will actually help students financially afford it if they are accepted but sometimes this is not the case. Students should be protected against this.

The early admissions program doesn’t really hurt anyone as long as not all of the students are drawn from the program. I think colleges should enroll 25% of their admitted students from the early admissions pool. Remember, the early admissions pool often goes into the regular admissions pool afterwards. I think that this is a good solution that solves a lot of the problems some people experience with the early admissions program.

The early admissions programs only help those who are interested in attending the college of their dreams. Why not allow this type of a system to continue? Besides, it is the college’s choice. A college should be the one in charge of making all of the decisions. It shouldn’t be the government or someone else. It doesn’t hurt anyone in an unfair way and should definitely be allowed to continue. Colleges need to be able to utilize a system that allows them to decide who is truly interested in attending their college. This is the best way out there for determining who is actually interested in attending college. Colleges and universities in the United States should be allowed to keep their early admissions programs.