Colleges with the best Financial Aid Claremont Mckenna College Claremont California

The Claremont McKenna College is one of the acclaimed seven Claremont colleges, and one of the top liberal arts colleges in America. The college is a highly selective independent one “educating leaders in business and public affairs.” Claremont’s mission is to help students “to gain the vision, skills, and values necessary for leadership in all sectors of society.”

The Princeton review lists Claremont as one of the top twelve colleges nationally for financial aid, illustrated by the need blind admission policy which the college is proud of. Claremont McKenna meets 100% of demonstrated financial need, which is a great incentive for the brightest students who would otherwise be constrained in their choice of college due to family income. Claremont offers a ‘no loans’ financial aid package which means students can graduate without student loan debt.

The current costs of attending Claremont McKenna are an estimated $53,280 of which tuition and fees represent $20,115. Financial aid is determined by need and based on the difference between the costs of attending and the expected family contribution. Financial aid is made up of state grants, federal grants, and work study. Student loans have been replaced by Claremont grants and scholarships.

Students who are California residents should look at state grants including the CAL grant which is awarded to students with financial need who attend instate colleges. Some other states also offer grants to students attending Claremont McKenna and residents of Rhode Island, Vermont and Pennsylvania may be able to obtain state grants to attend. Students should also complete the FAFSA to qualify for any applicable federal grants.

As part of the financial aid package, work study or Claremont McKenna funded employment is allocated to students. The college does prefer that students work no more than twenty hours a week whilst studying.

Where financial need is determined the college will provide institutionally funded grants and scholarships to students. Additionally there are some merit based scholarships available which are funded from gifts and endowments.

Each year there are twenty McKenna achievement scholarships available which give $10,000 per year; five Seaver Leadership scholarships worth the full cost of tuition; and the interdisciplinary science scholarship which also covers full tuition. The number of these scholarships is between ten and thirteen.

All students who think they require aid are encouraged to apply for it and if successful have the opportunity to attend one of the leading private colleges for less than the cost of a public university.