Colleges with the best Financial Aid Lehigh University Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Lehigh University was founded in 1865 as a private educational institution which is now acclaimed as one of the highest ranked research colleges in America. It is situated in Bethlehem in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Students are close to both New York City, 75 miles away, and Philadelphia at 50 miles.

Applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of family circumstances as Lehigh University is committed to providing financial aid to those with financial need. Currently over 50% of the student body is in receipt of financial aid and the university offers generous institutional aid.

The current estimated total costs of attending Lehigh are $52,520 with $39,480 accounted for by tuition fees. However there is no need to assume that this will be the amount you need to fund as financial aid will greatly reduce the total costs. A limited amount of merit aid is available but the bulk of financial aid is needs based.

Aid is determined as the difference between attending Lehigh and the expected family contribution. This is based on parental assets and income, the student’s assets and income, family size and the amount of children in college.

In cases where the family’s calculated income is less than $50,000 per annum then students are offered a financial aid package with no loans. Students whose family income is $50,000 – $75,000 per annum will have annual loan caps set at a maximum of $3,000. Each of these packages enables the student to graduate with either no or a low student loan debt. Additionally students can apply for Lehigh tuition loans.

Students can apply for state grants and federal grants as part of their financial aid. Paid employment is available through both federal work study and Lehigh institutional funded work. After grants, outside scholarships and federal loans are utilized where required, financial aid is provided directly from Lehigh institutional scholarships, and scholarships funded by Lehigh alumni and university friends.

Dean’s scholars receive $10,000 per annum provided a minimum GPA of 3:0 is maintained and the Lehigh scholars program provides needs based merit awards to those who maintain a GPA of 2:8. These two awards are both merit based and awarded to students of exceptional talent with strong academic promise.

Other scholarships available to students are the Cutler-Sametz choral arts scholarship worth $2,500 each year; the Snyder family marching 97 scholars award at $1000 -$2,500; the Baker arts scholarship at $3,000; the performing arts scholars in instrumental music $3,000; and the performing arts scholars in music $3,000.

The website for Lehigh University provides a calculator to work out expected financial aid based on family income. As with other private colleges there is the opportunity to receive a first rate education with the financial aid package offered, thus students should not be deterred from applying if they are academically suited to Lehigh.