Colleges with the best Financial Aid Northern Illinois University Dekalb Illinois

Northern Illinois University in DeKalb was founded in 1895 and is situated sixty five miles from Chicago. The University has the distinction of being recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as amongst the best colleges and universities nationally for engaged learning. Northern Illinois University “is deeply committed to preparing teachers and providing an excellent and affordable higher education to Illinois families.”

With a student body of over 24,000, the University is unable to compete with the colleges which offer to meet all demonstrated financial need, but residents of Illinois particularly benefit from available grants and scholarships, in addition to The Truth in Tuition offered.

Current fees and tuition costs for Illinois State residents are $10,356, with the total cost of attendance estimated at $24,400. Costs are significantly higher for out of state residents, with tuition and fees levied at $18,306 and total estimated costs of attendance at $32,530.

Truth in Tuition is offered to Illinois State resident students seeking their first degree as undergraduates. It was created under the Public Act 93-0228 and fixes tuition costs for four years at the amount charged in the first semester.

Knowing in advance that fees will not rise during the four years of college is a huge incentive as tuition costs climb steeply across the country. Truth in Tuition is offered for eight consecutive semesters and may be extended to nine. The semesters must be consecutive though, with no allowable break. The program can save students many thousands of dollars over the course of their college years.

Financial aid is available in the form of federal and state grants, federal loans, work study, scholarships and tuition waivers. The State of Illinois offers the needs based State Monetary Award Program (MAP) to Illinois residents, and awards range from $300 – $4968.

The state also offers a range of grants for students who intend to enter the teaching, nursing or medical professions. Unlike student loan forgiveness programs, the state grants pay during college, providing the student commits to working in a related field within the state after graduation. Grants include the Minority Teachers of Illinois Program and the Illinois Future Teachers Corps Program.

Northern Illinois University offers a number of primarily academic based scholarships which range in monetary value. Scholarship details are available from the Universities Scholarship office which also offers a comprehensive scholarship finder for outside scholarships. The James Fletcher Memorial Scholarship is available for students from inner city Chicago public schools and is awarded to those with demonstrated financial need.

The University offers the out of state Huskie Scholarship to students from Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa, which is valued at $34,800 over four years. It is available to students who are high achievers and is intended to promote talent and diversity.

Students and their families have the option of spreading the costs of attending Northern Illinois University by participating in the Huskie Instalment Plan. This spreads the cost of the academic year across four payments for a fee of $50 per semester.

Residents of Illinois can benefit both academically and financially by studying at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb. The Truth in Tuition Program is an excellent bonus which allows families to prepare for future costs rather than worrying about increases in the cost of tuition. Students who are eligible for Illinois State Grants and institutional scholarships will find that the costs of attending are much reduced.