Colleges with the best Financial Aid Rice University Houston Texas

Founded in 1912 Rice University in Houston, Texas, is a private research university which welcomes students “of keen intellect and diverse backgrounds.” Rice is committed to transforming outstanding students into “global scholars who envision new possibilities and leave their imprint on the world.” Houston is an exciting city to be based in and offers opportunities in internships for students. Additionally Rice provides its students with a ‘Passport to Houston’ which gives free or discounted travel on public transport and admissions to cultural venues in the city.

Rice is committed to providing financial aid to those students who need it and retain a GPA of 1.67. Every student who enrols in Rice is automatically considered for a variety of merit scholarships awarded by the university. Students will be awarded for their outstanding academic abilities and for personal qualities which make them stand out.

Students need to complete the FAFSA to determine if financial aid will be awarded. Any student whose family income is less than $80,000 per annum will have their financial needs met without the need to take on student loans, which is a huge benefit. Their costs will be met through a combination of grants; work study programs; merit aid if they receive a scholarship; and institutional funds. Outside grants and scholarships can of course be used along with the federal Pell grant if awarded.

Those students whose family income is in excess of $80,000 will be awarded a small subsidized loan in addition to making use of grants, work study, and merit aid, and can apply for federal state loans. Students are expected to make their own student contribution towards the costs of their education and this can be funded through the work study programs, working in the holidays, or from savings.

The federal work study program is available first to students with demonstrable financial need as determined by their FAFSA application. Rice itself offers the Rice Work program, which gives student employment and is sponsored by various university departments. There is a limit on the number of hours students may participate in work programs so it does not detract from their studies, but students can earn up to $2,500 per annum.

In addition the State of Texas offers loans and grants to students who are state residents, and eligible students should check what the state is offering. If there is an expected family contribution to be made towards the costs of the student’s education, Rice offers a convenient plan for parents to pay in instalments.

Tuition costs are currently $33,120 with total estimated costs of attending Rice reaching $47,871. However the financial aid package which the university offers is an excellent one and outstanding students should not be deterred by the costs. Financial aid makes choosing Rice a viable option for those who qualify for financial need, with the added bonus of no need to sign up for student loans.

Source: Future owls rice edu.