Colleges with the best Financial Aid Suny College of Environment Science and Forestry

Students with a vision of “a better world through environmental discovery” are attracted to the College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, New York. Ranked as 79th in the U.S. News report of the top colleges in America, the SUNY College is recognized as having an eco-friendly campus and a very active community service program. The college says “our students bleed green” and the college mission is “to promote advance knowledge and skills, and to promote the leadership necessary for the stewardship of both the natural and designed environment.”

Nationally the college is highly regarded and attracts a diverse student body. The college offers financial aid to students to assist with both education and essential cost of living expenses. In state tuition and fees are $5946, whilst out of state fees and tuition are $13,846. The New York Higher Education Corporation also offers many grants to state residents who plan to attend ESF. New York State Tuition Assistance Program grants are also available to New York state residents and award between $500 and $5000.

Financial aid from ESF is awarded primarily on the basis of determined financial need. Students must submit their FAFSA so the college can calculate the amount of parental contribution. Student employment earnings and savings are also taken into account to calculate determined financial need. College aid which is awarded to students with demonstrable financial needs are able to renew their awards annually by submitting their FAFSA by March 1st and maintaining a minimum grade average of 2.5.

Those who submit FAFSA’s earliest are most likely to receive federal Pell grants as they awarded to those who qualify for the needs based grant on a basis of first come, first served. In addition there are other scholarships available directly from the college.

All students who apply for financial aid will be reviewed for ESF college foundation scholarships. The majority are merit based but some, such as the John J. View Scholarship is awarded annually to students in financial need. The ESF’s Presidential Scholarship Program is for students with outstanding academic credentials from high school and awards up to $3000 to state residents and up to $6000 for out of state residents.

Other college scholarships specific to ESF include the Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation Scholarship which awards a full year’s tuition to students majoring in either paper engineering or paper science. More scholarships are available through the college’s financial aid office, with specific grants for minority students and for academic achievement.

The annual costs of attending ESF in New York actually exceeds tuition costs, thus students are encouraged to apply for financial aid from the college to reduce the need for acquiring student loans. The college is committed to assisting those students desirous of discovering “new knowledge and tools to deal with environment challenge.”

Source: U.S. News