Colleges with the best Financial Aid University of Florida Gainsville

Florida state residents who have the University of Florida on their wish list will find it is one of the most affordable colleges in the nation, with very low tuition costs and fees. The university is ranked within the top 20 of public universities and has a reputation as a leading research university. A diverse student body is welcomed and the university also boasts one of the highest retention rates in national colleges, which is an extremely good indicator of student satisfaction. Students are known as Florida Gators.

The cost of attending the University of Florida favors instate residents as tuition fees and costs are a low $5,020. The costs for out of state students rise to $25,160. The total estimated costs including board are $18,380 for state residents, and even lower for students who remain living at home, with total costs then estimated at $11,470. Total estimated costs for out of state residents are $40,812.

Florida state residents also have access to Florida state grants provided through the Florida Department of Education. Available grants include the Florida Teach grant and the Bright Futures grant. A full list of state grants is available from the Department of Education.

Students who meet the requirements for needs based financial aid after the expected family contribution is assessed, will receive a financial aid package which comprises state and federal grants, and institutional aid from the University of Florida. Currently in excess of 70% of students receive some form of financial aid. Individual colleges within the university also offer financial aid. There is a financial aid estimator available on the University web site so figures can be assessed and expected aid calculated.

The expected family contribution is standard and based on the federal requirements as outlined on the FAFSA application. Parental income is considered along with the size of the family and the number of other children attending college. The University of Florida requires no individual student contribution apart from the self help which is awarded in federal work study as part of the financial aid package.

Institutional financial aid is spread amongst needs based gifts and merit based gifts, with federal work study available as needs based self help. Naturally all students may apply for outside scholarships to assist with the cost of attendance.

The general package of student financial aid will reduce the necessity of Florida Gators taking out loans to finance their way through college, if they are determined to have demonstrated financial need. Across the nation the University of Florida is ranked 4th for value for money.