Colleges with the best Financial Aid University of Georgia Athens Georgia

The University of Georgia, Athens, was founded in 1785 as the first State supported college in America and is thus recognized today as the “birthplace of the American system of public higher education.” The University motto is “to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things.” Currently ranked 56th in the US News rankings of the best colleges and universities in the nation, the University of Georgia has high academic and social standards, yet remains extremely good value for money. It also attracts students with prestigious scholarships.

Tuition costs at UGA are currently $8,736 for in state students and $26,946 for out of state students. The total cost of attending including tuition is approximately $19,736 for in state and $37,946 for out of state students. In state students who are eligible for the HOPE Georgia scholarship (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) and maintain a B average in high school, receive full tuition costs and a portion of mandatory fees, providing a college average of 3:0 GPA is maintained.

Eligibility for the HOPE scholarship, which is funded by the Georgia lottery, is determined by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. It is not a needs-based award and is given regardless of family income, thus even students from high income families will receive it. The amount of the HOPE scholarship will generally be reduced if the student has other scholarships.

All students can apply for federal grants and loans by submitting the FAFSA. Male students aged 18 – 25 must register with the Selective Services System though to be eligible for Federal and State of Georgia financial aid funds. In state students who are awarded the federal needs based Pell grant and have no expected family contribution will also be eligible for the State of Georgia College Opportunity Fund grant, which awards $500 per semester towards living costs.

Individual educational departments across the University have scholarships available in addition to the merit based scholarships which the University of Georgia offers. Merit scholarships can be combined with, or sometimes in addition to, the HOPE Scholarship.

UGA merit scholarships include Foundation Fellowships, Presidential scholarships, George Woodruff’s scholarship, the Harris scholarship and the Bernard Ramsey Honors scholarship. In addition, the University offers selected scholarships which combine merit with financial need. Some of the scholarships award larger amounts to out of state students.

The financial aid available to in state students attending the University of Georgia, Athens, is a huge incentive. It effectively offers each student who maintains the necessary grade average full tuition for free via the HOPE scholarship, making UGA an extremely attractive choice of college for those wanting to attend a prestigious and academically well-recognized institution.